Oil-based Mud Treatment Centrifuge Manufacturer

Oil Based Mud Treatment System

With the global attention to the natural environment and the soundness and perfection of environmental laws and regulations in various countries, higher requirements have been placed on the disposal of waste on the drilling site, and a new concept of cutting waste while drilling does not fall. The cuttings while drilling treatment system not only can solve the on-site environmental problems, but also can recycle the waste generated by the on-site solid control system, maximize the recovery of useful mud, and carry out the re-treated drilling waste. Concentrated curing/drying/incineration to reduce damage to the environment. The oil-based mud waste treatment system independently designed and developed by ZK Separation Technology Co., Ltd. which consists with high-speed frequency conversion centrifuge, cutting dryer, mud tank assembly, cuttings box, screw pump, screw conveyor. And other equipment, easy to transport while drilling.