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Decanter Centrifuge Applies in Pilling Activities

Although the pollution of construction piling mud is not as great as that of other industrial the degree of dehydration of sludge is not as high as that of domestic sludge.

However, its large output and many sources also cause problems in engineering construction. In the construction of cast-in-place piles, there are mud retaining pile bored piles, rotary bored cast-in-place piles, punched cast-in-place piles, long spiral bored piles, dry work piles and sinking piles.。

The waste mud contains a large amount of cohesive soil, sand, gravel soil, weathered rock, minerals and cuttings, etc.

It has a large consistency and cannot be directly discharged, and it is difficult to settle naturally. The use area of the construction site itself is limited. If it is not treated in time, it will not only affect the construction, but also cause environmental pollution or water pollution.

There are many problems in the existing construction piling mud dewatering separator: first, high cost, low efficiency, and tight construction; second, the construction site is in a bad environment, the muddy water overflows, making it difficult to intervene; the latter is bound by geographical conditions, etc. Significantly increased transportation costs.

The engineering team often suffers huge fines due to the blockage of mud water leaking into the sewer. In addition, tank trucks often pollute the city’s environment due to muddy water spilling over the urban trunk roads

The special decanter centrifuge for piling mud developed by ZK Separation Technology can efficiently purify and separate the piling mud.

The purpose of the work is solid-liquid separation of , improve the porosity of the pile foundation and reduce the bentonite consumption. It can effectively control the slurry quality of the construction mud, and can realize the environmental protection transportation and slurry discharge of the mud waste residue, and meet the site requirements of environmental protection construction.

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