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Decanter Centrifuge Applies in Pipeline Cleanout Activities

Pipeline sludge is also known as “passage sludge”. In the drainage pipe system, sludge formed by sedimentation of some substances in the sewage due to gravity sedimentation, adhesion, and interception. According to the type of drainage pipe, it can be divided into confluent sewage pipe sludge, diversion sewage pipe sludge and diversion rainwater pipe sludge.

The nature of the sewage pipe sludge is obviously different from that of the sewage plant sludge. In the treatment process, sludge dewatering is the most important part. After dewatering, the sludge treatment methods include dewatering, landfill and composting.

Separation performance of residual sludge after conventional process treatment by dewatering centrifuge:

Water Content of Sludge:65~81%

SS content of liquid:≤0.05~0.2%

SS recovery rate:≥85~98%

Chemical Consumption per ton DS:1~5kg/TDS

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