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Decanter Centrifuge Applies in River Cleanout Sludge Dewatering

Overview of river dredging and dredging sludge dewatering machine: Most of the dewatered sludge in the river is the activated sludge.

The activated sludge is the general name of the microbial population and the organic and inorganic substances to which they depend. The microbial population mainly includes bacteria, protozoa and algae. Among them, bacteria and protozoa are the two main categories. The growth of bacteria causes more and more sludge.

If not handled in time, it will cause great harm to the environment. The channel sludge dewatering centrifuge designed and manufactured by ZK separation is designed to more efficiently achieve the dehydration target due to its unique water level adjustment.

The equipment adopts automatic touch screen control, small footprint, excellent working environment and low noise. The solid phase recovery rate is high. Its design for the characteristics of activated sludge makes the liquid phase after separation more clear and the solid phase is drier.

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