Screw Pumps

Screw pump is also known as a rotary pump or positive displacement pump. It is mainly composed of screws that mesh together and rotate within a cylindrical cavity or liner. it is the ideal equipment for fluid transmission. Especially in drilling fluid processing, it is often used as an ideal mud pump component for decanter centrifuge drilling fluid feed. The screw pump take in fluid through the screw, and then push out the fluid from the discharge port through the rotating and intermesh screw.

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Applications For Screw Pump

The screw pump is not only an ideal mud pump to transport drilling fluid to the centrifuge. Due to its unique advantages of high viscosity fluid transport, it is also widely used in mining and manufacturing industries. For example, many lubrication systems and hydraulic systems and sewage treatment plants in the water, wet sludge, flocculant liquid and so on also use screw pump as a transmission pump. As an ideal equipment for transferring liquids that are difficult to move, the screw pump has the characteristics of wide flow channel, compact structure and convenient maintenance.

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