Tubular Centrifuge

A tubular centrifuge is a mechanical device used for liquid-solid separation and finds widespread application in industries such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and environmental. Its operational principle relies on the action of centrifugal force to separate solid particles or liquid components from a mixed liquid. This separation is typically achieved through a rotating operation.

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Oil-water Separation Tubular Centrifuge

The oil-water separation tubular centrifuge stands out with its high separation precision, superior performance, and significant capacity, while its material-contacting components are constructed from stainless steel. The machine body can be tailored to customer preferences, with options for cast iron or stainless steel materials. This equipment offers remarkable flexibility in material suitability, featuring a straightforward component structure that is easily disassembled, cleaned, and maintained, ensuring high stability. Its primary application is the separation of water and mechanical impurities from mineral, vegetable, and animal oils, especially in scenarios involving liquid-liquid-solid three-phase mixtures with closely matched liquid densities and a minor solid phase content.

Blood Separation Tubular Centrifuge

The blood separation tubular centrifuge is a specialized separation equipment developed for the blood processing industry. It is widely applicable to the separation of plasma and blood cells in the blood of various animals, including pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, and geese. During the separation process, it ensures the integrity of blood cells, resulting in high plasma yield. The separated components can be used to produce products such as blood plasma and blood cell protein powder (animal feed additives), coagulants (biochemical drugs), albumin, immunoglobulins (SOD), hemoglobin, superoxide dismutase, and paint additives.

GF-type Tubular Centrifuge

The GF-type tubular centrifuge is mainly used for the separation of various emulsions that are difficult to separate. Especially suitable for two-phase liquid separation with a small density difference (specific gravity difference is more than 0.1%) and three-phase separation of liquid, liquid, and solid containing a small amount of impurities.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Clarification Tubular Centrifuge

Chinese medicine clarification type tubular separator is a kind of separation equipment specially designed for the enterprises of traditional Chinese medicine and plant extraction to meet the requirements of GMP certification.

Bio-type Tubular Separator

The bio-type tubular separator is a unique piece of equipment designed based on extensive customer feedback and practical experience in the field of microbiology. This machine is constructed entirely from stainless steel, meeting GMP certification standards. To ensure the preservation of bacterial activity, it can be equipped with a cooling system, and its internally designed rotor is especially suitable for bacterial separation, resulting in higher material yields and greater production capacity. It is widely used in a variety of bacteria, such as: Escherichia coli, bacillus, yeast, photosynthesis bacteria, lactobacillus, bifidobacteria, mycelium, etc. Proteins, such as: albumin, immunoglobulin, miscellaneous proteins, etc. Vaccines, such as: DPT vaccine, rabies vaccine, flu vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, avian flu vaccine and various antibodies.

Type 45 Tubular Centrifuge

Type 45 tubular centrifuge is mainly used for the separation of emulsion or suspension with high viscosity, low solid content, very small solid particles, and very little density difference between liquid phases. Compared with other centrifuges, type 45 tube centrifuge can get the liquid phase with higher purity and the solid phase with lower humidity.

GQ Clarifying Tubular Centrifuge

GQ clarifying tubular centrifuge is used for clarifying the suspension with very small density difference between solid and liquid phases, and is widely used in the industries of biopharmaceutical, traditional Chinese medicine clarification, bacterial recovery, human blood products, plant extraction, food and beverage, fine chemical industry, and new materials.

Rotary-type Tubular Centrifuge

The rotary-type tubular centrifuge features a body that can rotate freely 360°, making it more convenient for maintenance and easy to position, ensuring smooth operation. The drum can be pulled out horizontally, addressing the issue of the heavy drum and reducing the labor intensity of manual operation, which also facilitates the maintenance and upkeep of the liquid-bearing. This equipment offers high separation precision, excellent performance, and a significant capacity, with all material-contacting parts made of stainless steel. It boasts strong material adaptability, a straightforward basic component structure that is easy to disassemble, clean, maintain, and ensures high stability.

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