Soy Protein Extraction Centrifuge

Unlike most other beans, soybeans provide complete protein characteristics.

Soybeans contain all the amino acids we need in our diet, and our bodies simply can’t synthesize them.

This means that soy protein products are excellent substitutes for animal products and animal foods. They are also good sources of whole protein, but they have the disadvantage of having more fat, especially saturated fat.

Soybean protein is now one of the main sources of protein for livestock and human consumption. Soybean protein isolate (SPI) contains 90% protein (based on dry weight) and is the most concentrated form of soy protein available at present.

Therefore, the separation and extraction of soy protein is becoming an important production line in the food processing industry.

Plant protein is extracted from soybeans, peas, and the like via a common acid-salt extraction process. In addition to its nutritional value, plant protein has many important functional properties. In the process of producing protein powder, to increase the output and the extraction rate as much as possible, an increasing number of decanter centrifuge are used in the whole production line.

ZK Separation high-speed soy protein centrifuge (separation factor ≥ 3500G) in the production process plays an irreplaceable important role. The most hygienic and effective way to deal with SPI is to use ZK decanter centrifuge for centrifugation.

Soy protein isolate (SPI) is the most concentrated low-fat and high protein nutriment available at present, and its market demand is very large. In the industry of soybean products, high-efficiency and fully-enclosed high-speed centrifuges are gradually bringing technological innovation in the soybean production line and replacing conventional filter-type equipment. Soybean hulls (similar to medium density) are hard to be removed by common centrifuges.

As for this, ZK Separation has designed and developed a floating object trap to solve the problem and make the separated soybean milk meet the process production requirements.

Technological Extraction Process

The principle of producing soy protein isolate is simple.

First, defatted soybean flour or flakes are used as raw materials to dissolve the protein in water.

The resulting solution is then separated from the solid residue.

Finally, the protein is precipitated from the solution, then separated and dried.

For these companies in the soy protein industry, the main goal is to improve product purity and yield. These depend on many different parameters, including alkalinity, extraction time, temperature, water to soybean meal ratio, heat treatment and stirring.

ZK soy protein centrifuge is specially designed to solve this problem, help the customer reach high purify and efficiency with economic.

Protein Extraction

Soybean flour was mixed with water and isoelectric regulated to dissolve most of the protein. The protein rich solution must then be separated from the solid phase, known as bean dregs.

Traditional configurations for this include shaker and rotary screen, followed by selected purification and concentration.

Technical Features of ZK Protein Centrifuge

High Rigidity Screw Rotor

ZK Centrifuge is a typical double-rotor differential high-speed rotating device.

Its separation factor in the protein industry is up to 3500G. The rigidity of the rotor and the control of the unbalance amount are important factors for the stability of operation. The screw rotor (flexible in high speed state) is put under finite element modal analysis, so that the working speed is far from the first-order and the second-order critical speed to avoid the occurrence of resonance at high speed, ensuring the bearing service life and lowering vibration and noise.

Bubble Breaker

At the acid-sinking section, ZK centrifuge will produce a large amount of bubbles in the separation and liquid discharging processes. If the bubble is not broken, it is easy to take out protein. ZK Separation centrifuge is internally set with a bubble breaker, which plays a good role.

Discharged by centripetal pump with pressure

The bubble generated during the draining process of the centrifuge is easy to block the drain pipe, causing the fluctuation in the operating current of the centrifuge.

ZK Separation centrifuge is internally provided with a discharge device for centrifugal pump with pressure to avoid the supernatant being ejected at high speed. The device is particularly suitable for the condition that the liquid phase is directly input into the next section or the next working condition of equipment after separation.

Sanitation Cleaning (CIP system)

The centrifuge control system is arranged with a fully automatic cleaning procedure.

The multi-step mode of high-speed cleaning→ low-speed cleaning (multi-stage)→ high-speed multi-level cleaning ensures that it is thoroughly washed per mechanical cleaning.

To avoid human factors, a 360° high-pressure cleaning nozzle is used for the hood, the inner cavity of the base, and the outer surface of the drum.

Soy protein centrifuge

ZK decanter centrifuge applied the VFD control mode: direct control with an inverter, double-motor double-frequency conversion; PLC+ touch screen intelligent control.

ZK Soy Protein centrifuge uses the food grade material: SS316 and 2205.

Also ZK separation centrifuge is matched with special safety protection, which can measure the vibration and temperature, with emergency stop button, and to prevent faulty operation such as hood not being covered.