Sludge Oil Recovery Process

Ⅰ. Description
Slurry Oil Recovery Unit consists of heating mixing tank, rotary pump, screw pump, tricanter centrifuge, oil tank, DISC separator, water tank etc. Sludge oil recovery process 01The manifold consists of suction, mixing, fresh water, heating piping etc. Besides, plat form, walk ways, handrail, ladders are built for convenience and safety.

Total volume of the unit: 21m3, Total electric power: 198kw, Gross weight: 33 Ton. Slurry Oil Recovery Unit is mainly used for oil recovery performance.

Main working flow of the unit: 1. Rotary pump feed the heating mixing tank from slurry pit, Chemical inject device pump the chemical into heating mixing tank. The tank equipped with agitator inside and water stream coil outside.

Oily slurry is well-mixed when heating by the water stream and stirring by the agitator. 2. Tricanter feed pump feeds the well-mixed slurry into the bowl of tricanter centrifuge from the heating mixing tank.

Tricanter centrifuge separate the solids, oil, water through the high speed rotation. The solids are transferred by the screw conveyor, water and oil are collected by the water tank and oil tank. 3.

Screw pump pumps the oil into the DISC separator from the oil tank for further purifying. The Unit capacity is around 5~10m3/h
Ⅱ. Technical Details
Total volume:21 m3 Active volume: 20 m3 Total Power: 198 kw Heating mixing tank: 2 sets Oil tank: 1 set Water tank: 1 set Tricanter centrifuge: 1 set Disc Separator: 1 set Overall dimension: 17570 x13200 mm Gross weight: 33 Ton
Ⅲ. Main Configuration
1. Heating equipment Heating mixing tank (2 sets) Model: VN7000 Power: 11 kw Volume: 7 m3
2. Separation equipment Tricanter centrifuge (1 set) Model: LWS-500×2000 Main power: 55kw Shaft power: 18.5kw Capacity: 5~10m3/h DISC separator (1 set) Model: FBDB-211S Power: 15kw Capacity≤ 5m3/h 3. Transfer equipment Screw conveyor ( 1 set) Model: LSY300-5M Power: 7.5kw Capacity: 8-10 m3/h 4. Pumps Heating mixing tank feed pump (2 sets)
Model: XHB65-10/14-0.2 Power: 7.5 kw Head: 20m Capacity:10~14m3/h Tricanter Centrifuge feed pump (1 set) Model: XHB65-10/14-0.2 Power: 7.5kw Head: 20m Capacity: 10~14m3/h DISC separator feed pump (1 set) Model: XG040B01ZF Power: 2.2kw Capacity: 5m3/h Oil pump (1 set) Model: XHB125-60-1 Power: 37kw Capacity: 60m3/h Water Pump (1 set) Model: SCP 80-40-200 Power: 11kw Capacity: 15m3/h Chemical pump (1 set) Model: KD40/0.6 Power: 0.18kw Capacity: 0~40L/h 5. Oil tank (1 set) Model: VN5000 Active Volume: 5 m3 Dimension: φ1600×3400 6. Water tank (1 set) Model: VN3000 Active volume:3 m3 Dimension: 2100×1200×1500 7. Chemical Tank (1 set) Model:VN250 Active volume: 250L Dimension: φ800×1700 8. House (2 sets) 6000×2440×2800mm for Tricanter section 6440×2440×2800mm for Separator section 9. Pipe line
Ⅳ. Flow Process Description
Slurry Oil Recovery Unit has three types of suction pipe line. Heating mixing tank suction pipe, tricanter centrifuge suction pipe, DISC centrifuge suction pipe. Butterfly valves are adapted to all the suction pipes. Switch on the butterfly valves to ensure the system suction process.

Sludge oil recovery process 02