The 19th China ring expo

By the German Munich expo group, China environmental science society, the national federation of environmental

The 19th China ring expo 03service industry in the chamber of commerce, trade exhibition in Munich (Shanghai) co., LTD and other units jointly sponsored the 19th China ring exposition has on May 3, 2018-5 in Shanghai new international expo center held successfully. 1762 exhibitors (2017:1637) shows them in the water, solid waste, air, site remediation, innovative technologies and solutions in the field of environmental monitoring, the three-day exhibition attracted 66580 professional visitors (2017:2017). During the same period, the exhibition held more than 400 unique meetings and activities, covering a wide range of topics, reaching a record high.

We design and manufacture of two phase/phase horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge and its corollary equipment widely used in solid-liquid separation project in all walks of life, such as sewage treatment sludge dewatering of coal chemical industry of coal tar refining, soy protein in the food and beverage and chemical purification, separation of barley starch, fruit juice separation, purification, such as milk petrochemical wastewater treatment, sludge treatment, separation of eat hutch garbage processing, etc.

, in terms of equipment and use because of its small size, low energy consumption, high automatic degree, etc. The horizontal screw centrifuge in all walks of life come to the fore, gradually replaced the traditional filter, such as plate and frame filter, belt type filter press, etc.
In this exhibition, our company showed our customers new and upgraded chemical centrifuges and sewage treatment centrifuges, whose performance and appearance were highly praised by our customers.

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