Three-phase centrifuge kitchen waste disposal

Chengdu ZK Separation Technology Co., Ltd., which is committed to creating high-quality environmental protection equipment, is a professional company and high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of multi-disciplinary centrifuges and supporting equipment. It is a three-phase centrifuge kitchen waste disposal equipment!

 three-phase centrifuge kitchen waste,kitchen waste treatment centrifuge,Kitchen waste centrifuge 

Our aims: to create high-quality environmental protection equipment, protect the earth home, I am good at it!

What are the wastes?

 Food waste, commonly known as hogwash, is also known as swill and hogwash. The leftovers and edible residues produced by food processing have complex components, mainly including oil, water, peel, vegetables, rice noodles, fish, kitchen waste treatment centrifuge, bone, waste tableware, plastic, paper towel and other materials. From the chemical composition, there are starch, cellulose, protein, lipids and inorganic salts.

 three-phase centrifuge kitchen waste,kitchen waste treatment centrifuge,Kitchen waste centrifuge 

What is the weapon to transform waste into security?

Kitchen waste disposal system!

Principle of kitchen waste treatment system: The kitchen waste collected from restaurants and other places is lifted by the elevator to the feeding port of the kitchen waste sorting machine (hereinafter referred to as the separator). The feeder automatically transports the kitchen waste to the main machine for cleaning and classification. Large pieces of impurities such as beverage bottles, boxes, plastic bags, big bones, meal plates, etc. are cleaned out through the slag outlet, and the remaining useful kitchen is the garbage comes out from the outlet under the separator after passing through the screen hole of the separator. Kitchen waste centrifuge order to prevent the screen hole from blocking during the separation process, an automatic cleaning system is installed on the top to clean up the remaining materials on the screen hole, without manual cleaning, so as to further reduce the manual labor and humanized design. The useful kitchen organic matter is sorted out and then transported to the next section through other equipment. The sorting machine is to use the different volume of the processed items to classify the kitchen waste.

 three-phase centrifuge kitchen waste,kitchen waste treatment centrifuge,Kitchen waste centrifuge 

The characteristics of the food waste treatment system are as follows:

1. Wide range of application, strong compatibility, can handle all kinds of organic waste, including kitchen waste, vegetable waste, agricultural and forestry waste, etc.

2. The treatment process is safe and pollution-free, and the wastewater can be recycled after treatment, which is energy-saving, environmental protection and economic.


My originality:

1. The patented multi-stage crushing technology can realize 100% crushing and utilization of organic matter, avoid waste of organic matter, improve the utilization rate of organic matter and enhance economic benefits.


2. The patented flexible limit crushing technology can realize the maximum separation of inorganic substances, avoid the mixing of inorganic substances into organic matter slurry, avoid the influence of inorganic substances on the follow-up process treatment effect, and protect the normal operation of the follow-up treatment equipment.

three-phase centrifuge kitchen waste,kitchen waste treatment centrifuge,Kitchen waste centrifuge  

Applied Projects:


1. Chengdu Project: it has been running for more than 2 years. Due to the use of high-performance wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant cemented carbide, the centrifuge rotating assembly does not need to be overhauled. So far, the effect of oil and water outflow are good, and the centrifuge runs smoothly. The water content in the oil is less than 2%, and the oil content in the water is less than 3-5g / L.


2. Guiyang project: in the past, the two-phase centrifuge and disc centrifuge were used. Now, after using the three-phase centrifuge, the process is omitted and the cost is saved. The effect is the same as before, and the win-win cooperation is realized. It has been operated for more than one year and is in good condition. The treatment capacity of LWS580 can reach 20 m 3 / h.

At present, there are more than 40 units three-phase centrifuge applied in the kitchen waste disposal, and the corresponding number of centrifuges is nearly 60 sets. The mechanical performance is stable and the separation effect is good. It has been highly praised by customers, and the customer satisfaction is up to 98%!

 three-phase centrifuge kitchen waste,kitchen waste treatment centrifuge,Kitchen waste centrifuge