Working Theroy Of Decanter Centrifuge

Horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge (referred to as decanter centrifuge) is working theroy of decanter centrifuge 03an effective separation equipment which use centrifugal acceleration generated by high-speed rotation into the acceleration of gravity to shorten thousands of times of the settlement time of solid particles than in the gravity field.

The solid particles are discharged from the drum through the screw conveyor continuously and without interruption.

The material is conveyed to the screw discharge port through the feeding pipe and uniformly distributed in the drum through the spiral discharge port which is rotated at a high speed, and the main motor drives the drum to rotate at high speed through the belt to generate thousands of times of gravitational acceleration.

Rapidly settlement and accumulation of the solids particles in the inner wall of the drum, there is a relative movement of the screw conveyor to the drum, which will continuously push the sediment towards to outlet. The sediment is mostly dewatered under the combined action of the screw conveyor squeeze and drum dehydration.

After the separation, the liquid is discharged freely through the liquid outlet point.

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