ZK Decanter Centrifuge Introduction

Chengdu ZK Separation Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized solid-liquid separation company established by Chengdu West Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. Our ZK brand

Centrifuge provides solutions to all technological problems of solids-liquid and liquid-liquid separation, specialized in industrial centrifugal separation markets. These solutions help customers to clarify, concentrate, and separate products in production.


Centrifuge working principle: the feed suspension is introduced through an inlet pipe into the feed zone of the conveyor where it is accelerated and directed into the interior of the bowl. The settled solids are conveyed axially towards the small end of the bowl by means of the screw conveyor, which rotates at a slightly different speed than the bowl. On the way to the discharge ports the solids are lifted out of the pond up along the dry beach. The solids are finally discharged from the bowl through the discharge ports into the collecting chamber of the casing that surrounds the bowl. From there the solids are removed by gravity through the outlet funnel. The liquid phase forming a hollow cylinder due to the centrifugal force, and flows towards the large end of the bowl. Coal Tar Separation Centrifuge the liquid overflows adjustable plate dams into the chamber of the casing and is discharged by gravity.


The light liquid phase is discharged into the casing through radial holes in the large end hub. The heavy liquid phase is discharged through axial holes in the large end hub. The liquid radius for the light liquid phase is smaller than the radius for the heavy liquid phase. The liquid level is controlled by plate dams. In order to prevent the light liquid phase from leaving the bowl through the heavy liquid phase outlet, a separating plate is placed on the inside of the large end hub. The heavy liquid phase has to pass under the separating plate before being discharged into the casing. The liquid radius for the heavy liquid phase is controlled by plate dams. The solids are discharged in the normal way.

Our Centrifuge Bowl and screw conveyor are made of stainless steel (SS2205, 304 or 316) for high resistance to wearing and erosion. Screw conveyor are bonded with hard alloy blocks that improves the service life up to 5 years. All the welding lines are inspected and treated with certificate of conformity or record. And the gyrator will have the resistance to wearing and erosion, and the roller shield, segregation box, main transmission shield and auxiliary transmission shield are all made of stainless steel.


Until now we designed and developed decanter centrifuge, including drilling mud centrifuge, Tunnel Mud Decanter Centrifuge, gold ore separation centrifuge, crude oil sludge centrifuge, waste oil sludge centrifuge, Palm oil sludge centrifuge, olive oil centrifuge, kitchen waste centrifuge, DDGS centrifuge, Municipal Sewage Decanter Centrifuge, coal chemical centrifuge, Protein centrifuge, Algae centrifuge, starch centrifuge, pharmaceutical centrifuge, fermentation centrifuge, incineration fly ash centrifuge, hazardous waste centrifuge.

At present, we have many models for your choice: LW/S250, LW/S350, LW/S450, LW/S520, LW/S580, LW/S650, dozens of types of two/three-phase special industries Centrifuge.


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