ZK Integrated Centrifuge dehydration system of anaerobic fermentation biogas residue

Decanter centrifuge used in the field of “three chemicals” disposal of kitchen waste, anaerobic fermentation mainly uses the solid components of kitchen waste to cultivate biological bacteria in high temperature anaerobic environment. Through the metabolism of a variety of bacteria, the treated substances are decomposed into methane, carbon dioxide and fermentation residues (biogas residue). The produced methane is purified by biogas purification system and then used in cogeneration; the fermentation residue (biogas residue) becomes high-quality organic fertilizer after composting and is re-used. The process follows the basic principles of “reduction, resource utilization and harmlessness”, which is of great significance to the sustainable development of environment and economy.


ZK separation as a leading separation equipment manufacturer in the kitchen waste disposal industry, it has provided a number of specialized customized systems for relevant customers around the world. Recently, ZK separation technology has delivered a set of fully automatic mobile kitchen waste anaerobic fermentation biogas residue dehydration integrated system to customers in East China. The system has the advantages of “compact structure, high degree of automation, small floor area, low civil engineering cost, short construction period and convenient transfer”.Kitchen waste centrifuge,Chemical decanter centrifuge,oil field centrifuge Kitchen waste centrifuge,Chemical decanter centrifuge,oil field centrifuge 

The integrated system of Kitchen waste centrifuge anaerobic fermentation biogas residue dehydration is mainly composed of the following units:


  1. Chemicalspreparation and supply system

Chemical decanter centrifuge reagent system can realize automatic proportioning and automatic reagent supply according to the site material conditions.


  1. Oil sludge feedingsystem

According to the site conditions, oil field centrifuge sludge feeding system can quickly connect with the material storage tank or storage tank and work automatically with the centrifuge.


  1. Centrifuge dewatering system

As the core unit of the system, the centrifuge dewatering system dewaters and reduces the biogas residue. The biogas residue provided by the sludge feeding system and the chemicals provided by the chemicals supply system are evenly mixed on the pipeline before entering the centrifuge dewatering system.


  1. Mud cake transportation and storage system

The mud cake transportation and storage system is linked with the centrifuge to realize automatic detection, transportation and storage of sludge.


  1. Biogas slurry transportation and storage system

The automatic detection, transportation and storage of biogas slurry can be realized by interlock control of biogas slurry transportation and storage system and centrifuge.


  1. 6.Deodorization system

The deodorization system, the off-odor is transported to the biological filter in the plant area for centralized treatment through the fan. After adsorption of filter material and decomposition and transformation of microorganisms, odor components are degraded. Keep the whole system working without odor.