Decanter Centrifuges in Avocado Oil Extraction

ZK decanter centrifuge provides the best solution for avocado oil production. The equipment can be used for the extraction and production of cold-pressed avocado oil. The avocado oil factory only needs to peel and clean the avocados and then they can use the ZK centrifuge to separate the avocado pulp into pulp, oil, and water. Then, the separator will refine the oil phase and remove ultrafine impurities. The use of ZK centrifuges for avocado oil extraction can ensure higher production and better quality. Simultaneously, the centrifuge’s advanced wear resistance can automatically adapt to the load level, and can operate continuously and stably.

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As a professional manufacturer of liquid and solids separation equipment, ZK SEPARATION is committed to providing our customers with products of the highest quality, safety and best performance. We are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 28001, ISO 14001, CE, EAC, DNV, GOST-R and other international standards.

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