Centrifuges Are Used in Various Fields

ZK SEPARATION Decanter Centrifuge provides integrated solid-liquid separation technology solutions in environmental dredging, food processing, fermentation technology, chemical mining, and oil and gas extraction.

Key Fields of Application

The industry application of centrifuges is becoming more and more extensive. The centrifuge not only dramatically improves the solid-liquid separation effect. Simultaneously, its fully automatic control system dramatically improves the efficiency of the entire separation process. Decanter equipment is being widely used in environmental dredging, food and beverage, and fermentation industries.

  • Environment

    ZK SEPARATION decanter centrifuge can be widely used in environmental protection industries such as sewage treatment, river dredging and oil sludge separation.

  • Food and Beverage
    Food and Beverage

    With the improvement of living standards, people's pursuit of a healthy diet has become more and more apparent. ZK SEPARATION decanter equipment uses food-grade safe materials as the main components. It can be used to extract olive oil, palm oil, protein, and fruit juice beverages.

  • Chemical and Mining
    Chemical and Mining

    ZK SEPARATION decanter centrifuge can be widely used in chemical and mining industries such as sulfur foam treatment, grey water treatment, coal tar treatment.

  • Fermentation

    For the brewing industry, the processing of DDGS is an essential link. To this end, ZK SEPARATION provides specialized technical solutions for the fermentation industry. Help brewing companies effectively reduce production costs and realize DDGS processing automation.

  • Oil & Gas
    Oil & Gas

    ZK SEPARATION decanter centrifuge can be widely used in Oil & Gas industries such as drilling mud treatment, tank bottom sludge treatment.

Key Fields of Application

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