Decanter Centrifuges in Paper Wastewater Treatment

In the treatment of paper wastewater, decanter centrifuges play a crucial role by effectively separating solids from liquids, facilitating the removal of impurities, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. The typical process involves primary treatment, including screening and filtration to remove large solid particles such as wood chips and plastics, along with the addition of chemicals to encourage the aggregation of smaller particles. During the operation of the decanter centrifuge, pre-treated wastewater is introduced into the machine, where its rapid rotation generates a powerful centrifugal force, separating solid particles from the liquid and pushing them towards the outer wall of the centrifuge bowl for efficient two-phase separation. The separated solid forms a cake deposited on the inner wall of the centrifuge bowl, which is automatically discharged through an outlet. The clarified liquid, now free of a significant amount of suspended solids, is discharged through a liquid outlet. It is worth noting that the ZK decanter centrifuge is equipped with an automatic control system for continuous operation. Overall, in the wastewater treatment of the paper industry, the decanter centrifuge serves as a robust tool for the efficient separation of solids and liquids, providing a reliable means for the industry to manage wastewater effectively, reduce environmental impact, and meet regulatory standards.

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