Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge, also known as solid bowl centrifuge, generates separation force through high-speed rotation. It can clarify liquids and separate solids from one or two liquid phases in a single continuous process. Its application to the dewatering of waste sludges has made it a most valuable tool in combating environmental pollution. This has made the decanter a well-known and widely appreciated piece of equipment.

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ZK Decanter Centrifuge Product Series

The prime virtue of the ZK decanter is its ability to remove quite high levels of suspended solids from a liquid, with a reasonably low level of retained liquids in the separated solids. ZK decanter can handle slurries containing solids occupying 100% of the volume of the slurry. So long as the slurry is pumpable, the decanter will handle it. ZK provides custom-made decanter centrifuges. We can provide the most suitable centrifuge models according to the actual needs of different industries.

ZK Decanter Centrifuge Features and Benefits

High Efficient Sludge Dewatering

Decanter centrifuge, as a horizontal solid bowl centrifuge that can be continuously operated, separates liquid and solid in the wastewater through a rapidly rotating cylindrical bowl. Because of its advantages such as long-term continuous work and huge processing capacity´╝îit is widely used in the sludge dewatering treatment industry and become an indispensable equipment for sludge dewatering and thickening treatment.

Decanter centrifuge for sludge dewatering
Decanter centrifuge for suspension dewatering

High Clarifying Efficiency

ZK clarifying decanter centrifuge can continuously separate suspension into solid and clarified liquid. It is suitable for materials with small particle size, low density difference between solid and liquid, moderate viscosity and moderate concentration. It can be used in the separation and extraction of edible oil, including palm oil, olive oil, fish oil, etc. At the same time, it is also widely used in the clarification, extraction and recovery process of protein starch, fruit juice beverage and animal raw materials.

Widely Used in Solid-Liquid Separation

The decanter centrifuge can be used for most types of liquid-solid and liquid-liquid separation, and its ability to handle various feed slurry concentrations increases its versatility. And it can separate suspensions composed of two or more phases of different densities. Applications range from food, beverage and pharmaceuticals to marine and energy, to water and waste treatment, mineral oil and mineral oil product processing, and pigment recovery in paints.

solid liquid separation

Decanter Centrifuge Product Series Video Show

ZK Decanter Centrifuge Core Parts Show

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Some Key Industry Application Cases

Decanter centrifuges (Solid Bowl Centrifuge) are widely used in industrial production and environmental protection, and are the main equipment in the solid-liquid separation process. Especially in the sludge dewatering, suspension clarification, mixed particle size solid phase classification and slurry concentration and other separation processes, has a large market application. According to the main purpose of the separation process, the separation applications of ZK decanter centrifuges can be grouped into five broad types: clarification, classification, thickening, dewatering and washing.

Decanter Centrifuge Working Principle

Decanter centrifuge is a kind of sedimentation equipment with horizontal screw discharged and continuous operation. It is mainly composed of a feed port, a decanter bowl, a decanter screw conveyor, a solid phase discharged outlet, and a liquid phase outlet. First, the raw material is pumped into the decanter centrifuge through the feed port, and then into a horizontal bowl (also called a rotating drum) composed of a cylindrical and a conical part. Then, the bowl and the screw (the screw conveyor of decanter centrifuge) rotate at a high speed in the same direction at a certain differential speed. Due to the higher density, the solids contained in the product settled on the inner wall of the bowl under the action of centrifugal force. The conveying screw continuously pushes the solid phase deposited on the bowl to the cone end of the bowl, then solids is discharged out of the machine. The clarified lighter liquid phase forms an inner liquid ring, which continuously overflows the bowl from the overflow port at the large end of the bowl, and is discharged out of the machine through the liquid discharge port. Eventually to achieve the purpose of separating the solid phase from one or two liquid phases.

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Decanter Centrifuge VS Filter Press VS Screw Press

Note: More stars, more advantages!

Features Decanter Centrifuge Filter Press Screw Press
Raw materials adaptability
Solid moisture content
Installation area
Initial investment
Adjustable range of solid contents in discharged solids
Delivery and manufacturing time
Sensitivity to flow variation
Equipment relocation ability
OPEX for equal capacity

Why Choose ZK Decanter Centrifuge ?

  • ease to use decanter
    Easy Operation

    ZK decanter can run continuously and automatically. The control of the decanter centrifuge is completed through the touch screen of the control panel, and the one-key start and stop of the decanter can be realized through the control panel. The control panel interface is simple and easy to be understood, and operators can easily monitor the working status and understand the operating parameters.

  • durable

    All wear-prone areas of ZK centrifuges (separation liquid outlet, solids discharge output, screw conveyor and solids discharge section) are made of abrasion resistant material, and the rotating parts are made of high-strength centrifugally cast stainless steel. For the wear-resistant requirements of special industries, replaceable hard alloy wear-resistant pieces are added to the spiral blades.

  • lubrication
    Lubrication Ways

    In order to meet the actual needs of different customers, ZK decanter centrifuge provide three different lubrication ways (grease pump grease lubrication, lubricating oil circulating lubrication and oil mist lubrication) for customers to choose. All lubrication systems can re-lubricate the rotor bearings during centrifuge operation.

  • security
    Safety and Security

    ZK decanter differential speed automatic control technology can automatically adjust the screw conveyor differential speed, to prevent overload and blockage. At the same time, ZK decanter centrifuge has vibration protection, bearing temperature protection and overload protection system. This can avoid critical operating conditions and prevent damage to centrifuge components and bearings.

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