ZK Oil Sludge Centrifuge Series

ZK SEPARATION offers a diverse array of oil sludge centrifuges, intricately designed to meet the varied processing demands in the oil and gas industry. Precision-engineered for efficient separation and purification of oil from complex mixtures, our centrifuges ensure optimal performance tailored to your specific needs in oil sludge treatment applications.

Oil Sludge decanter
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  • Models LWS250 ~ LWS650
  • Capacity 1 ~ 30m3/h
  • G Force 3500 ~ 2854g
  • Weight 1400 ~ 11000kg
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  • Can recover 80 ~ 90% of the oil.
  • The water content of the oil phase after separation is ≤3 ~ 5%.
  • The dryness of the separated residue phase is 40~60%, and the total volume is more than 80% less than before separation.
Model Speed (rpm) G Force Capacity (m3/h) Dimension (mm)
LWS250 5000 3500 > 1 2600 × 800 × 1150
LWS350 4000 3136 3 ~ 5 3500 × 1280 × 1058
LWS450 3500 3087 5 ~ 10 4000 × 1350 × 1100
LWS520 3200 2982 10 ~ 15 4800 × 1540 × 1250
LWS580 3000 2948 15 ~ 20 4900 × 1705 × 1250
LWS650 2800 2854 20 ~ 30 5900 × 1865 × 1300

Service Case

Our centrifuge equipment is extensively utilized in the oil sludge treatment industry, earning favorable feedback from our satisfied customers. Years of practical experience and continuous technological innovation have empowered our equipment to deliver efficient and reliable solutions for oil sludge separation. ZK centrifuge equipment finds broad application in petrochemical, environmental protection treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, and various other fields. If you are seeking the optimal oil sludge separation solution, rest assured that ZK centrifuge equipment stands as your reliable choice.

ZK Decanters for Eco-friendly Treatment of Oil Sludge Spills

Owned by an environmental protection company, this project focuses on treating challenging land-based oil sludge. The process involves mixing bagged dirty oil sludge with semi-solid material, adding water, and heating in a workshop tank. The mixture then undergoes separation in the ZK three-phase decanter centrifuge. This efficient system recovers oil resources, with effluent water treated separately and mud repurposed in a drying plant for oil well cement. Addressing industry challenges, this centrifuge provides sustainable solutions, aligning with environmental philosophies and social responsibility.

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Decanter for oil sludge treatment
ZK decanter for oil sludge treatment
Efficient Oil Sludge Separation with ZK Decanter in Petco

This project for a petrochemical company involves separating oil sludge with 10-15% solids. The process includes a pre-treatment—adding hydrochloric acid for rubber breakdown and emulsification, plus heating to 85°C. The treated material is efficiently processed through a decanter centrifuge, achieving remarkable separation of sludge, water, and oil. Post-separation, oil content in water reduces to 2-3%, water content in oil to 0.8%, with sludge oil content at 1.5%. The impressive 95% liquid oil recovery significantly cuts production costs and environmental impact. The decanter centrifuge, with its superior separation, large capacity, and high automation, proves ideal for oil sludge treatment, enhancing production efficiency and resource utilization.

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Oily Sludge Treatment Process Flow

Oil sludge treatment process


As a professional manufacturer of liquid and solids separation equipment, ZK SEPARATION is committed to providing our customers with products of the highest quality, safety and best performance. We are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 28001, ISO 14001, CE, EAC, DNV, GOST-R and other international standards.

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