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ZK SEPARATION Main Product Series

ZK SEPARATION Decanter Centrifuge Key Fields of Application

Environmental Protection

ZK SEPARATION provides integrated solid-liquid separation and recycling solutions for the environmental protection industry, including various urban sewage treatment, oil sludge separation, plastic recycling, food residue treatment, etc. We always provide customers with comprehensive and efficient technical support.

Food and Beverage

The food industry has very high requirements for product safety. ZK SEPARATION Decanter adopts food-grade components and production technology inside. ZK Decanter Centrifuge can effectively help food production companies improve production efficiency and realize automatic processing throughout the process.

Why Choose ZK SEPARATION Decanter Centrifuge ?

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With more than 20 years of solid-liquid separation equipment research and development and manufacturing experience, equipment is widely used in sewage treatment, petrochemical, mining, environmental protection, and many other fields. We provide equipment customization services for different project needs and recommend or design the best-integrated solution for you.

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Our machines are stable and robust. Among the nearly 10,000 devices sold worldwide, many have been operating stably for more than ten years. Simultaneously, we are constantly optimizing the operating procedures so that the equipment can run more intelligently and automatically, significantly reducing the learning cost of the operator and improving its work efficiency.

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Whether offshore drilling platforms, remote mines, quarries, or large-scale sewage treatment stations, our technicians can provide professional technical support services remotely or on-site.

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As a leading equipment R&D and supplier in the industry, we continue to develop new processes and new products to provide customers with better and more economical equipment. The number of patents we have on our devices is at the top of the industry.


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