ZK Wastewater Centrifuge Series

ZK SEPARATION offers a variety of series of water treatment decanter centrifuges, including products suitable for medium and small sewage treatment plants, large-scale water treatment systems, high-concentration organic wastewater treatment, and high-concentration sludge treatment fields. Each series of products has different processing capacities and application scopes, and they can be custom-manufactured according to the specific needs of customers.

Wastewater centrifuge
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  • Models LW250 ~ LW750
  • Capacity 2 ~ 100m3/h
  • G Force 2835 ~ 2033g
  • Weight 1400 ~ 16000kg
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  • High adaptability to sludge, high flexibility, and low consumption cost.
  • High dewatering efficiency achieved through a high-density screw conveyor and drum configuration.
  • Utilizing a vortex-type screw discharge outlet for excellent processing capacity and minimal chemical consumption.
  • Incorporating BD plate technology, achieving a high solid recovery rate.
Model Speed (rpm) G Force Capacity (m3/h) Dimension (mm)
LW250 4500 2835 2 ~ 5 2600 × 800 × 1200
LW350 3500 2435 4 ~ 15 3750 × 1040 × 1350
LW450 3200 2580 10 ~ 40 4200 × 1140 × 1450
LW520 3000 2620 15 ~ 70 5050 × 1285 × 1550
LW580 2800 2546 25 ~ 80 5600 × 1400 × 1655
LW650 2600 2460 30 ~ 90 6000 × 1550 × 1800
LW750 2200 2033 40 ~ 100 6600 × 1800 × 2000

Service Case

Our water treatment decanter centrifuges are excellent in practical applications, and these customer cases are all from our real project applications around the world. Through these cases, you can better understand our products and choose the centrifuge that best suits your needs and help you solve your water treatment challenges.

New Materials Company Uses Decanter for Sewage Purification

The owner of the project is a new material technology company. It is a sewage treatment project. The project uses ZK 550 two-phase centrifuge skid-mounted system. The raw materials include domestic sewage, mixed sewage with sediment and mixed sewage with carbon powder. ZK centrifuge played a vital role in the sewage treatment project. It purified the sewage by separating the solid particles and the liquid part in the sewage, and realized the recycling and reuse of water at the same time.

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Decanter for sewage purification
ZK decanter solves steel rolling wastewater challenge
ZK Decanter Solves Steel Rolling Wastewater Challenge

ZK centrifuge for water treatment successfully solved the problem of wastewater treatment in a steel company. After being treated with a centrifuge, the solid content in the waste water is significantly reduced, the moisture content of the slag after treatment does not exceed 23%, and the solid recovery rate is as high as 95%. Compared with the previous method of extracting the upper layer of wastewater and cleaning the pool with an excavator, the centrifuge separation process reduces the labor intensity of the operator and greatly improves the production efficiency. And it provides an efficient and sustainable waste water treatment scheme for iron and steel production enterprises while reducing production costs.

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  • Municipal wastewater treatment Municipal Wastewater Treatment
  • Power company wastewater treatment Power Co. Wastewater Treatment
  • Energy Co. wastewater treatment Energy Co. Wastewater Treatment
  • Synthetic resin wastewater treatment Synthetic Resin Wastewater Treatment
  • Water plant purification treatment Water Plant Purification Treatment
  • Phosphorus chem. wastewater treatment Phosphorus Chem. Wastewater Treatment
  • Water plant sludge treatment Water Plant Sludge Treatment
  • Fenton sludge treatment Fenton Sludge Treatment
  • Engineering slurry treatment Engineering Slurry Treatment
  • Fermentation liquid separation Fermentation Liquid Separation
  • Leachate treatment for waste Leachate Treatment for Waste
  • Shield tunneling slurry treatment Shield Tunneling Slurry Treatment

Wastewater Sludge Treatment Process Flow

Wastewater sludge treatment process flow


As a professional manufacturer of liquid and solids separation equipment, ZK SEPARATION is committed to providing our customers with products of the highest quality, safety and best performance. We are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 28001, ISO 14001, CE, EAC, DNV, GOST-R and other international standards.

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