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Company History Timeline

ZK Separation Technology, with more than 23 years of R & D experience in separation equipment, has obtained more than 90 national patents, including 20 national invention patents. ZK is becoming an internationally renowned solid-liquid separation technology solution supplier.

  • 2021 In 2021, ZK separation has an annual output of more than 10,00 decanter centrifuges.
  • 2020 In 2020, ZK separation's first centrifuge specially used in the palm oil industry was put on the market.
  • 2019
    1. January In January, 2019, ZK Separation Technology designed and manufactured Inert Gas Protection Flameproof Centrifuge.
    2. OctoberIn October, 2019, ZK separation won the title of high-tech enterprise.
    3. October In October, 2019, ZK separation became a member of the China General Machinery Industry Association.
  • 2018
    1. In 2018, ZK Separation Technology was founded, which was a wholly-owned subsidiary of west Petro, and in the same year, ZK Separation expanded the application fields of solid-liquid separation centrifuges to sewage treatment, sludge treatment, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical and fermentation.
    2. May In May, 2018, A new generation high-performance Efficiency centrifuge was designed and manufactured.
    3. June In June, 2018, ZK Separation Technology manufactured and sold 580 an online real-time liquid layer adjustable three-phase centrifuge.
  • 2016 In 2016, West Petro designed and manufactured a Fully Hydraulic Drive Centrifuge, which was recognized as the first unit/set product of major technical equipment in Sichuan Province.
  • 2010 In 2010, West Petro began to produce solid-liquid separation equipment for the mining field.
  • 2009 In 2009, West Petro become one of the largest oil field solid-liquid separation equipment manufacturers in China.
  • 2007 In 2007, West Petro participated in the formulation of “Industrial Standards for Petroleum solid-liquid separation equipment.”
  • 1999 In 1999, West Petro (Mother Company of ZK Separation Technology), the first centrifuge was designed and manufactured.
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