About Us

Chengdu ZK Separation Company Ltd. is the subsidiary corporation of Chengdu West Petroleum Equipment Company Ltd in order to meet the increasing needs of world-wide market. She is specialized in solids and water separation.

Relying on the technical and practical experience of long-term accumulation in many fields including petroleum, chemical engineering, tunnel engineering, sewage treatment, mining equipment, etc., She has developed products such as high-efficiency sewage concentration and dehydration treatment centrifuges, alcohol production line waste water treatment series centrifuges, food waste treatment series of three-phase centrifuges, medical extracts processing three-phase centrifuges, sludge oil recovery systems, and other multi-field products with complete process technology, with a number of Invention, utility model and appearance patent.

ZK separation always focus on chemical industry, water treatment industry and other fields of personnel training which covering mechanical analysis, materials science, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, vibration isolation technology, automatic control technology, sensing technology and other cutting-edge technologies and the grafting industry.

ZK separation has a team of product development and manufacturing process engineers with many years of experience in the deep-seated machinery industry. On the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technologies, combined with the particularity of production processes in various domestic application industries, focusing on industry segmentation, targeting petroleum, chemical, coal chemical, steel, food, resin, fermentation, medicine, surplus sludge in water and sewage, etc.

Special design in the field, forming solid-liquid two-phase with different parameters, liquid-liquid-solid, solid-liquid-solid three-phase, flammable and explosive liquid as medium-proof explosion-proof centrifuge and online real-time liquid layer adjustable centrifuge Research and development, manufacturing and sales of dozens of products and auxiliary equipment.

It has the unique technology of high-efficiency sewage concentration, dehydration treatment, three-phase separation ofhair oil, kitchen waste, sludge and medical extract, wear-resistant energy-saving, explosion-proof sealing and interlock control. The company’s centrifuge has a small footprint, simple process pipeline; high degree of automation; high safety protection measures; good on-site operating environment; strong material adaptability; stable and reliable operation.