ZK Fly Ash Treatment Centrifuge Series

ZK SEPARATION offers a range of fly ash disposal equipment, suitable for various applications such as waste incineration fly ash disposal, fly ash resource utilization, and cement kiln fly ash management. Each product series comes with different processing capacities and applications, and can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. Our equipment features an airtight environment, efficient separation, clog-free operation, non-adhesive characteristics, and stable performance, enabling customers to harness fly ash as a resource while reducing environmental impact. Whether it's a small-scale or large-scale project, we are committed to delivering top-quality equipment and services to maximize value for you.

Fly ash decanter
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  • Models LW450 ~ LW650
  • Capacity 10 ~ 50m3/h
  • G Force 2580 ~ 2097g
  • Weight 4000 ~ 11000kg
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  • The equipment's inlet and outlet pipelines are simple, and operation is convenient.
  • The equipment operates in a fully enclosed manner, effectively preventing harm to the environment and operators.
  • The equipment is equipped with a fully automated control system to reduce manual operating costs and enhance production efficiency.
  • The equipment is equipped with various sensors that can monitor and predict faults in real-time, reducing equipment maintenance complexity and costs.
Model Speed (rpm) G Force Capacity (m3/h) Dimension (mm)
LW450 3200 2580 10 ~ 15 4000 × 1350 × 1100
LW520 2800 2283 25 ~ 30 4800 × 1540 × 1250
LW580 2600 2352 30 ~ 35 4900 × 1705 × 1250
LW650 2400 2097 40 ~ 50 5900 × 1865 × 1300

Service Case

Our decanter centrifuges have been successfully used in several fly ash disposal projects. These success stories fully demonstrate the excellence of our products in fly ash treatment. Whether you are a thermal power plant, a cement plant, a steel plant, a chemical plant, or a building material industry or a waste incineration disposal center, our centrifuges can meet your needs.

ZK Decanter is Used in Waste Incineration Fly Ash Disposal

ZK has provided specialized decanter centrifuge equipment for a waste incineration fly ash disposal project. This marks the first application of our company's equipment in the treatment of waste incineration fly ash. The project is capable of disposing of 90,000 tons of fly ash per year, achieving efficient and large-scale disposal goals. Simultaneously, the decanter centrifuge effectively reduces pollutant emissions, meeting environmental protection requirements. In actual operation, equipment stability and safety have been effectively ensured, providing strong support for the project's smooth operation. ZK specialized decanter centrifuge equipment for the waste incineration fly ash treatment project not only meets high efficiency, safety, and environmental protection requirements but also provides robust support for the project's sustainable development.

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Waste incineration fly ash disposal
Cement kiln fly ash disposal
ZK Decanter Applied in Cement Kiln Fly Ash Co-processing

ZK SEPARATION provided a special decanter centrifuge equipment for fly ash treatment for a cement plant co-processing fly ash project, which is also the key equipment of the project. The project uses FWD water washing and desalination technology, and the annual processing of fly ash reaches 100,000 tons. Our company's centrifuge equipment is mainly used for the solid-liquid separation process in the key process of this project. The stable, reliable, safe and controllable features of these devices provide strong support for the successful operation of the project. The decanter centrifuge equipment for fly ash treatment provided by ZK SEPARATION not only meets the requirements of high efficiency, safety and environmental protection, but also provides a solid support for the sustainable development of the project.

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Fly Ash Water Washing Treatment Process Flow

Fly ash water washing treatment process flow


As a professional manufacturer of liquid and solids separation equipment, ZK SEPARATION is committed to providing our customers with products of the highest quality, safety and best performance. We are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 28001, ISO 14001, CE, EAC, DNV, GOST-R and other international standards.

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