Palm Oil Extraction

Palm oil is one of the most produced oils in the world. The global demand for palm oil is overgrowing. The traditional manual crushing method for extracting palm oil can no longer meet the palm oil market's needs. The ZK three-phase decanter centrifuge provides an effective separation and purification program for palm oil processing plants' processing process. It can help palm oil plants process fresh palm fruit bunch (FFB) into crude palm oil (CPO), and it has the characteristics of high efficiency and high purity. Simultaneously, the equipment can work automatically and continuously for a long time, which can significantly improve the refining efficiency of palm oil.

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ZK SEPARATION Decanters for Palm Oil Production Process

ZK separation is a company that manufactures and develops centrifuge equipment. For the palm oil separation and purification process, ZK has specially designed a food-grade palm oil three-phase centrifuge to realize the automatic separation and extraction of palm oil and the separation and recovery of palm oil sludge. The application of ZK palm oil centrifuges in palm oil processing plants will help palm oil plants separate and extract palm oil. Simultaneously, the equipment has good water, solid, and oil separation capabilities, which can help palm oil production companies increase oil recovery and reduce water consumption. At the same time, it also reduces waste disposal. In the end, waste reduction and siltation of waste pools are reduced, reducing operating costs. ZK centrifuge adopts a frequency converter to control all operating parameters of the machine. Whether it is at the rated speed or during the solid-liquid discharge process, it can significantly reduce the equipment's vibration and noise level during operation.

Palm Oil Decanter Parameters
Model Dia (mm) Rito Speed (rpm) G force Differential (rpm) Main Motor (kW) Back Motor (kW) Capacity m3/h Weight (kg) Dimension (L x w x H)(mm)
LWS250 x 1025C(X) 250 4.1 5000 3500 1~50 11 4 2~3 1250 2500 x 800 x 1150
LWS350 x 1550C(X) 350 4.1 4000 3136 1~35 22 5.5 5~8 2500 3300 x 1400 x 1040
LWS450 x 1845C(X) 450 4.1 3500 3087 1~34 30 11 12~15 3800 4000 x 1400 x 1100
LWS520 x 2150C(X) 520 4.1 3200 2981 1~34 45 15 18~25 5200 4500 x 1600 x 1400
LWS580 x 2400C(X) 580 4.1 3000 2948 1~30 50/75 18.5 25~30 6500 5000 x 1700 x 1400
LWS650 x 2600C(X) 650 4.1 2800 2854 1~27 75/90 22 32~35 8000 5500 x 1900 x 1500

Palm Oil Extraction Process

Palm oil extraction process

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