Palm Oil Extraction

Palm oil is one of the most produced oils in the world. The global demand for palm oil is overgrowing. The traditional manual crushing method for extracting palm oil can no longer meet the palm oil market's needs. The ZK three-phase decanter centrifuge provides an effective separation and purification program for palm oil processing plants' processing process. It can help palm oil mills process fresh palm fruit bunch (FFB) into crude palm oil (CPO), with the characteristics of high efficiency and high purity. Simultaneously, the equipment can work automatically and continuously for a long time, which can significantly improve the refining efficiency of palm oil. In the process of palm oil extraction, the ZK palm oil decanter is used for: Direct processing of the crude oil after the screw press; Oil recovery from empty fruit bunch liquor; Crude oil recovery from the sludge in the CS tank; Crude oil recovery from the wastewater flow of the palm oil mill.

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ZK SEPARATION Decanters for Palm Oil Production Process

ZK separation is a company that manufactures and develops different types of centrifuge equipment for all walks of life. For the palm oil separation and purification process, ZK has specially designed a food-grade palm oil three-phase centrifuge to realize the automatic separation and extraction of palm oil and the oil recovery from the sludge. In addition, ZK separation has a mature production technology that allows better results of separation which refers to less water consumption, less waste disposal, fewer costs, and more oil. ZK centrifuge adopts a frequency converter to control all operating parameters of the machine. Whether when running at a high speed or in the discharging process, it can significantly reduce the vibration and noise level during operation.

Palm Oil Decanter Parameters
Model LWS250x1025C(X) LWS350x1550C(X) LWS450x1845C(X) LWS520x2150C(X) LWS580x2400C(X) LWS650x2600C(X)
Speed (rpm) 5000 4000 3500 3200 3000 2800
Max G Force 3500 3136 3087 2982 2948 2854
Main Motor (kW) 11 22 30 45 55/75 75/90
Back Motor (kW) 4 5.5 7.5 15 18.5 22
Capacity (m3/h) >1 >3 ~ 5 >5 ~ 10 >10 ~ 15 >15 ~ 20 >20 ~ 30
Weight (kg) 1250 2500 4000 5200 6500 8000
Dimension (mm) 2500x800x1150 3700x1050x1400 3800x1150x1600 4800x1250x1800 5300x1750x1382 5600x1850x1500
Drive Type VFD + PLC + HMI
Bowl Material SUS2205(Duplex Stainless Steel) / SUS2304 (Duplex Stainless Steel) / 316L / 316 Centrifugal Casting
Screw Material SUS2205(Duplex Stainless Steel) / SUS2304 (Duplex Stainless Steel) / 316L / 316 Centrifugal Casting
Bearing SKF / NSK

Oil Palm Processing Process

  1. Firstly, the fresh fruit bunches are sent to the preliminary pressing factory within 24h after harvesting (mainly to prevent the increase of FFA).
  2. Then, the fruit bunches are heated to 150℃ and keep the temperature for 85min to sterilize the fruits and boil out the stalks.
  3. The fruits then are separated from bunches by winder – peeling machine. After that, bunches can be used for combustion and fruits are introduced to silo.
  4. Next, send the fruits into a screw press for high-pressure pressing. The pressed cake containing kernel (unbroken, containing palm kernel oil) is squeezed out from the machine head, and the liquid (mainly palm oil) is discharged from the liquid outlet of the presser.
  5. The liquid is discharged from the outlet to a 100m³ tank, and be heated by water (maximum 100°C). After standing for a while the upper raw palm oil in the tank is directly discharged into the three-phase disc centrifuge to be separated; and the lower water containing palm oil would be separated in the 3 phase decanter (oil +water+ dreg).
  6. Finally, the palm oil separated in the three-phase decanter is sent to a 100m³ tank again for standing and extraction of raw palm oil.
Palm oil processing process

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Palm Oil Decanter Working Principle

The palm oil extraction and separation process is carried out in a horizontal cylindrical bowl equipped with a screw conveyor. The palm oil sludge is fed into the bowl by screw pump. Then, the conveyor and the bowl begin to rotate at a high speed in the same direction but at a different speed. The centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation causes solids to quickly deposit on the wall of the bowl. At the same time, two liquid phases of different densities (palm oil and water) will be separated by layers, and the conveyor of the decanter centrifuge will continuously transport the solids to the cone’s end. After dehydration, the dry solids are finally discharged out of the centrifuge through the solids discharge port. The two clarified liquid phases overflow into the casing of the centrifuge through different outlets at the cylindrical end of the bowl. Then through the liquid phase discharge port, palm oil and water are collected and recycled. Palm oil decanter centrifuges are mainly used for extraction of pressed palm oil, separation of settling tank sludge or empty fruit bunch liquor. Now, more and more palm oil mills have introduced palm oil decanter to improve the efficiency of palm oil extraction and palm oil sludge separation.

ZK Palm Oil Decanter Application Cases

Why Choose ZK Decanter Centrifuge?

Reliable Quality

The bowl (core component) is made of SAF 2205 duplex stainless steel by centrifugal casting process, and its performance is superior to conventional 304 and 316. All weld joints have undergone flaw detection and thermal treatment, and are provided with certificates of conformity or records for traceability.

Stable Operation

The dynamic balance precision of the centrifuge is ≥ Class 2.5, which is superior to the requirement of the standard, so that the centrifuge can be operated smoothly and its longevity is extended. The noise of the complete machine is < 85 dB, the vibration intensity is < 7.1 (load) and 4.5 (no-load). It is equipped with a mechanical and electrical dual overload protection device to ensure safe operation.

long service
Long Service Life

The screw conveyor and bowl adopt of the most advanced, reliable and convenient wear-resistant treatment technology and structure in China. All bearings adopt original imported NSK/SKF bearings. The electric control box is made of electrical elements of famous brands such as Siemens and Schneider.

High Degree of Automation

ZK decanter differential speed automatic control technology can automatically adjust the screw conveyor’s differential speed, to prevent overload and blockage. The complete machine is equipped with bearing temperature sensor and vibration sensor, and is provided with alarms for main motor overload, differential over torque, low differential speed, etc. Meanwhile, its supporting frequency conversion (flameproof) control cabinet can realize automatic start and stop with one key.

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