Disc Centrifuge

Disc stack centrifuge is a kind of vertical centrifuge. As a high-efficiency, high-output, high-automation and high-speed precision separation equipment, it can be divided into: solid-liquid two-phase and solid-liquid-liquid three-phase separation. As a two-phase separation disc centrifuge, it can separate most solid particles and liquids. As a three-phase disc centrifuge, it can separate liquid phases of different densities and separate solids at the same time.

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ZK Disc Stack Centrifuge

ZK disc centrifuge is equipped with PLC controller and CIP automatic cleaning system. If there is a risk of explosion in the material handling process, an inert gas device is also used to prevent the leakage of combustible gas and ensure that it meets the requirements of explosion-proof standards.

Disc Stack Centrifuge Parameters
Model Speed (rpm) Water Flux Capacity m3/h G force Motor Power Weight (kg) Dimension (L x W x H)(mm)
DBY 470 6610 10 m3 /h 4-7 m3 /h 10619 15 kW 1832 Kg 1530 x 1440 x 1820 mm
DBY 550 6000 20 - 25 m3/h 10 - 15 m3/h 10180 30 kW 2210 Kg 1880 x 1550 x 2100 mm
DBY 640 5400 30 - 35 m3/h 20 - 25 m3/h 9798 45 kW 3200 Kg 2100 x 1650 x 2330 mm
DBY 730 4800 50 m3/h 30 - 40 m3/h 8838 55 / 75 kW 4300 Kg 2450 x 1780 x 2550 mm

Disc Centrifuge Vs Decanter Centrifuge

Disc centrifuges are generally used for materials that cannot be effectively separated by decanter centrifuges. It has a wide range of applications and technical parameters. It is usually used in solid-liquid separation processes in conjunction with decanter centrifuges.

Disc Centrifuge

The G force of disc centrifuge is generally 8000~20000. It is usually used to process materials that are difficult to effectively separate by conventional centrifuges, such as highly dispersed liquid-liquid two-phase emulsions, slow-settling liquid-solid two-phase suspension with small solid particles, etc. It can separate suspensions with a solid phase concentration of less than 3%. The technical parameter range of disc centrifuge is relatively large, and the diameter of the drum is generally 150 ~ 1200 mm. The disc centrifugal separator has a good separation effect, and has a wide range of technical parameters and applications.

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Decanter Centrifuge

The diameter of the bowl in decanter centrifuge is from 160 mm to 1000 mm, the G force is from 1000 to 4000, and the ratio of length to diameter is from 2 to 5. The horizontal spiral unloading sedimentation centrifuge has the following advantages: a wide range of applications and can meet various requirements of solid-liquid separation. It can complete the separation process of solid-phase dehydration, liquid-phase clarification, liquid-liquid-solid&liquid-solid-solid separation, and particle size classification. It has a wide range of material adaptability, can separate suspensions with a solid phase particle size of 5 ~ 2000 μm and a solid phase concentration of 0.5% ~ 40.0%. It can operate automatically and continuously, with large capacity and low operating & maintenance cost.

Working Principle of Vertical Disc Centrifuge

Disc centrifuge is an industrial centrifuge used to clarify and separate liquids. It also belongs to vertical centrifuge. Because there is a set of disc-shaped parts (discs) nested together in the drum, it named disc centrifuge. The drum is driven by a motor through a vertical shaft to rotate at a high speed. The material enters the disc centrifuge drum through the feed pipe, and then enters the disc group. It accelerates in the distribution chamber until synchronized with the speed of the drum. When the suspension (or emulsion) flows through the gap between the discs, the solid particles settle on the discs to form sediment under the action of centrifugal force. The sediment slides along the surface of the disc, separates from the disc and accumulates in the largest diameter part of the drum- solid slag collection chamber. The solid phase is discharged by controlling the sealing water and slag water, and the separated liquid is discharged from the liquid outlet. The function of the disc is to shorten the settlement distance of solid particles and expand the settlement area of the drum. The installation of disc in the drum greatly increases the production capacity of the separator.

Popular Application Industries of Disc Centrifuge

  • Food and beverage industry
    Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Industrial manufacturing
    Industrial Manufacturing

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