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High performance three-phase centrifuge application in food waste treatment

Kitchen waste, commonly known as lame, is also known as swill, drowning, food processing waste (food waste) and edible residue (squat). Its composition is complex, mainly oil, water, peel, vegetables, rice noodles, fish, meat, bones and a mixture of waste utensils, plastics, paper towels and other substances. From the chemical composition, there are starch, cellulose, protein, lipids and inorganic salts.

After a series of processes and high temperature hydrolysis of the food waste (slurry temperature around 60 ~ 80 ° C is appropriate), the use of high-performance B-type three-phase centrifuge can achieve “solid phase” (waste residue), “light liquid phase Three-phase separation of “ditch oil” and “heavy liquid phase” (kitchen water).The heavy liquid phase after the centrifuge separation can adopt two different liquid discharge modes, namely gravity discharge and built-in centripetal pump pressure discharge; wherein the built-in centripetal pump pressure discharge includes liquid layer fixed mode and heavy phase liquid layer online. The mode is adjusted according to the requirements of the process conditions.

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