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Protein Separation Centrifuge

Soy protein is an important vegetable protein product. In addition to its nutritional value, it has many important functional properties. These functional properties are of great value for the application of soy protein in food. In the current common method of extracting acid and alkali, “ZK separation” high-speed centrifuge (separation factor ≥3500G) plays an irreplaceable role in the production process. Technical features of protein-specific high-speed centrifuge

1. High rigidity rotating rotor

The centrifuge is a typical double-rotor differential high-speed rotating device. The centrifugal separation factor of the protein industry is up to 3500G. It belongs to the high-speed centrifuge. The rigidity of the rotating rotor and the control of the unbalance amount are important factors for the stability of the operation. “ZK separation” centrifuge is designed in strict accordance with JBT 8051-2008 “Centrifuge Drum Strength Calculation Specification”, and the spiral rotor (flexible rotor under high speed state) performs finite element modal analysis to make the working speed away from the first step. And the second-order critical speed avoids the occurrence of resonance at high speed, ensuring bearing life and vibration and noise reduction.

2. Foam breaking device

In the acid-sinking section, a large amount of foam is generated during the separation and discharge of the high-speed centrifuge. If the foam is not broken, the protein is easily taken out in the bubble. “ZK separation” centrifuge has a foam breaking device inside the centrifuge, which plays a very good role.3.
3. Centrifugal pump with pressure discharge device

The foam generated during the draining process of the centrifuge is easy to cause the gas blockage problem of the drain pipe, causing fluctuations in the operating current of the centrifuge. ZK separation centrifuge is equipped with a centripetal pump with a pressure discharge device inside the centrifuge, thereby separating The supernatant afterwards avoids the process of high speed throwing. The device is particularly suitable for the condition that the liquid phase is directly input into the next section or the next equipment after separation, for example, in the protein separation process, the soymilk after the separation of the first and second extractions enters the acidification tank, and if this device is used, The intermediate transition tank, the transfer pump, and related piping, instruments, etc. can be omitted.

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