Coal Tar Centrifuge Series

Coal tar centrifuge is a kind of high efficient separation equipment, which can effectively separate and extract oil, water and solid impurities from coal tar, so as to reduce pollutant emission and waste treatment cost. ZK SEPARATION coal tar centrifuge has a variety of processing capacity and scope of application, which can be used in different sizes of coal tar treatment enterprises.

Tar decanter
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  • Models LWS250 ~ LWS650
  • Capacity 1 ~ 30m3/h
  • G Force 3500 ~ 2854g
  • Weight 1400 ~ 11000kg
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  • Tar quality assurance, tar content: ≥97%.
  • The structure is compact, allowing for continuous operation and increasing production efficiency.
  • Equipped with high-performance wear-resistant protective materials, it greatly extends the maintenance cycle of the centrifuge and ensures annual uptime.
Model Speed (rpm) G Force Capacity (m3/h) Dimension (mm)
LWS250 5000 3500 > 1 2600 × 800 × 1150
LWS350 4000 3136 3 ~ 5 3500 × 1280 × 1058
LWS450 3500 3087 5 ~ 10 4000 × 1350 × 1100
LWS520 3200 2982 10 ~ 15 4800 × 1540 × 1250
LWS580 3000 2948 15 ~ 20 4900 × 1705 × 1250
LWS650 2800 2854 20 ~ 30 5900 × 1865 × 1300

Service Case

In coal tar separation, ZK centrifuge equipment offers customers efficient and reliable solutions, garnering favorable feedback. Years of practical experience and technological innovation empower our equipment to effectively handle complex coal tar mixtures, ensuring efficient separation. If you are seeking the optimal coal tar separation solution, ZK equipment stands as your reliable choice.

ZK Decanter Applied to Coal Tar Separation Project

The project aimed at the three-phase separation of coal tar. Prior to treatment, the coal tar had a toluene-insoluble matter content of approximately 3.5% and an ammonia content of around 10%. Following the three-phase separation treatment using the ZK decanter centrifuge, the discharged tar exhibited a reduced ammonia content of no more than 2.5%, while the tar content reached ≥97%. The data above illustrates the ZK decanter centrifuge's efficiency in removing impurities and impurity components from coal tar, enhancing the tar's purity and quality. Currently, the ZK decanter centrifuge is widely employed in the three-phase separation process of coal tar, significantly improving tar quality and yield, and contributing to the advancement of related industries.

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Decanter for coal tar separation

Coal Tar Three-phase Separation Process Flow

Coal tar separation process


As a professional manufacturer of liquid and solids separation equipment, ZK SEPARATION is committed to providing our customers with products of the highest quality, safety and best performance. We are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 28001, ISO 14001, CE, EAC, DNV, GOST-R and other international standards.

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