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Shield construction technology is the cutting-edge technology in non-excavation mode. It is a fully mechanized construction method in the construction of undercut method.

It promotes the shield mechanism in the ground and supports the surrounding rock through the shield shell and the segment. The collapse occurred in the tunnel, and the soil excavation was carried out with the cutting device in front of the excavation face.

The excavated machinery was transported out of the hole, and the jack was pressed and pushed in the rear part, and the precast concrete segments were assembled to form a tunnel structure. The circulation of muddy water between the shield machine and the mud water treatment system is realized by the mud water transportation system.

The soil sand excavated by the shield machine enters the cutting chamber, and the high density mud water after the agitation is pumped by the mud water pump to the shield mud water treatment.

The system is pumped back to the excavation surface after being processed by the mud treatment system, and thus circulated.

The mud treatment system in the shield construction field is an important guarantee for the normal tunneling of the shield machine. The treatment system must be foolproof in the construction of the shield and be 100% reliable.

The special purification system for shield mud developed by ZK Separation is designed and composed of mud tank, transfer pump, vibrating screen, sand removal and desilting device, centrifuge and other equipment. The system has high degree of automation, small floor space and high purification efficiency.

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