Application of Decanter Centrifuge in the Surimi Processing Industry

Surimi is a refined food ingredient derived from fish meat, primarily used to produce imitation crab sticks, fish cakes, and other seafood products. Originating from Japan, surimi has become a globally utilized ingredient. The surimi processing industry transforms low-value fish meat into high-value food products through complex processes that remove fat, bones, skin, and other impurities to obtain high-purity fish paste.

Main Procedures in Surimi Processing

  • Raw Material Preparation: Select low-fat, high-protein fish such as pollock or mackerel, and perform thawing, deheading, evisceration, and skinning.
  • Chopping and Washing: Chop the fish meat and wash it multiple times with cold water to remove blood and impurities, reducing fat and pigment content.
  • Dewatering and Defatting: Use pressing or centrifugation to remove moisture and fat from the fish meat.
  • Refining and Mixing: Further refine the fish paste, adding seasonings and stabilizers to enhance texture and shelf life.
  • Forming and Freezing: Shape the processed fish paste and rapidly freeze it to maintain freshness and quality.

Role and Main Advantages of Decanter Centrifuge in Surimi Processing

The decanter centrifuge is a highly efficient separation device widely used in various industries such as chemical, food, and pharmaceutical. In surimi processing, the decanter centrifuge plays a crucial role, particularly in the dewatering and defatting stages.

Role of Decanter Centrifuge

  • Efficient Dewatering: In surimi processing, the moisture content of the fish paste directly affects the quality of the final product. The decanter centrifuge uses high-speed rotation to generate centrifugal force, rapidly separating moisture from the fish paste and significantly improving dewatering efficiency.
  • Precise Defatting: The fat content in fish paste affects its texture and shelf life. The decanter centrifuge effectively removes fat from the fish paste, ensuring the product's purity and quality.

Main Advantages of Decanter Centrifuge

  • High Separation Efficiency: The decanter centrifuge uses centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation to achieve efficient solid-liquid separation in a short time, significantly improving production efficiency.
  • Continuous Operation: This equipment allows continuous feeding and discharging, suitable for large-scale production, reducing downtime and increasing capacity.
  • High Precision: The decanter centrifuge offers high separation precision, capable of removing fine fat particles and other impurities, ensuring high purity of the fish paste.
  • High Degree of Automation: Modern decanter centrifuges are equipped with advanced automatic control systems, making them easy to operate and maintain, reducing labor costs.
  • Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly: Compared to traditional pressing methods, the decanter centrifuge has lower energy consumption and operates in a clean and environmentally friendly manner, aligning with the green development requirements of modern food processing.


The decanter centrifuge plays an irreplaceable role in the surimi processing industry. Its efficient dewatering and defatting capabilities not only enhance the quality and yield of fish paste but also streamline the production process and reduce production costs. With continuous technological advancements, the decanter centrifuge will play an even more critical role in surimi processing, driving the industry towards higher efficiency, sustainability, and intelligence.