ZK Decanter Centrifuge for Palm Oil Extraction Delivered to a Customer in Southeast Asia as Scheduled

ZK recently delivered a decanter centrifuge for palm oil extraction to a customer in Southeast Asia.

We successfully delivered a high-efficiency palm oil extraction decanter to our valued customer in Southeast Asia on schedule. The decanter is equipped with advanced technology and has demonstrated outstanding performance. The machine has a separation factor of more than 3300G and a length-diameter ratio of 4.5. Our technical engineers carefully considered the properties of the processed material during design to ensure that the centrifuge is stable while achieving high efficiency and high throughput.

Technical Features

Low infrastructure cost, good site operation environment.

Stable operation, low failure rate, and low maintenance cost.

Modular design, easy to learn and understand the operation.

Unique and diversified liquid phase discharge structure.

High-performance wear and corrosion-resistant hard alloy.

High-performance stainless steel material.

High dryness spiral conveyor, bowl structure.

High torque involute planetary gear differential.

CIP cleaning system.

Humanized configuration.

Variable pitch technology.

High rigidity spiral rotor technology.

Dual motor and dual frequency conversion common DC bus technology.

Constant torque control technology.

Equipment Control Features

The centrifuge has an automatic control function, i.e. constant torque differential speed control. Since the solid content of the feed may fluctuate, the differential speed control system can ensure a stable differential speed, thus maintaining a constant dryness of the solid phase and making the best separation effect. This control method can well ensure the reliable and safe operation of the centrifuge. In addition, the centrifuge has excellent sealing performance and can be dewatered in a fully sealed condition, thus keeping the environment clean and the operation process safe and reliable.

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