Decanter for Kitchen Waste Disposal is Sold to Sichuan

ZK SEPARATION successfully sent the new 450 three-phase centrifuge to Sichuan, which is designed for efficient oil extraction from kitchen waste. The equipment runs stably and is both environmentally friendly and highly efficient, marking a further breakthrough in the field of kitchen waste treatment.

Recently, our company successfully sent its newly developed 450 model three-phase centrifuge to Sichuan. This equipment is specially designed for efficient oil extraction from kitchen waste, fully considering the material characteristics and process requirements of the customer's project, to ensure efficient separation and large processing capacity, while the equipment runs more stably. ZK has accumulated rich practical experience in centrifuge production and R&D, and owns a number of core technology patents. The three-phase centrifuge is characterized by environmental protection, small footprint, simple operation, continuous operation, good separation effect, wide range of applications and strong compatibility.

Before this shipment, our company understood the specific needs of the customer in detail, and combined a number of core technologies to provide a customized solution for the customer. The smooth delivery and operation of the equipment marks another solid step for ZK Separation in the field of kitchen waste treatment.


ZK SEPARATION always takes technological innovation as the source power for enterprises to participate in the market competition, and devotes itself to the research and development of highly efficient and reliable centrifuge products to meet the ever-growing market demand. With advanced technology, high quality products and perfect after-sales service, ZK SEPARATION has established a good reputation and brand image in the industry.