ZK Holds Lean Management Project Closing Summary Meeting

On August 18, 2023, the ZK SEPARATION lean management project closing summary meeting was held.

On August 18, 2023, the ZK SEPARATION Lean Management Project Closing Summary Meeting was held. At the meeting, firstly, the project team leader on behalf of the planning department and the production department reported and summarized the lean work carried out by the project team respectively. During the project period, the project was delayed for several months due to the pandemic, but the lean project team and the departments of production and purchasing achieved gratifying results under the guidance of the consulting company's teachers.

Next, the consultant summarized the whole project in three aspects, "project process review", "project results display" and "project summary and future improvement direction". Reporting. The master plan and process plan project team made improvements based on the current business management pain points and made a prioritized plan to focus resources on solving the current major conflicts. Through close cooperation, each department set up the overall output program of the planning management system, and increased the on-time delivery rate of orders by 35.2%. The material planning and inventory control optimization project team started by controlling the information flow of the procurement plan and reasonably setting up the maximum, minimum and safety stocks of materials to reduce the inventory turnover days of raw materials and finished and semi-finished products by 11.3% and 23.3% respectively.

The overall inventory turnover of the project decreased by 19.5%. Aiming at the problem of long production cycle of centrifuges, the project team established the overall program of continuous flow for centrifuge assembly, which reduced the average production cycle of centrifuge assembly in oilfield to 52.5% of the original one, and at the same time, improved the delivery cycle of other products to different degrees.

The consultant also made a closing comment on the project team's report and work: "① Be sensitive to the data; ② Think about the reasons behind the inventory changes, which is worthwhile for the project teams to investigate; ③ Through the promotion of the lean project, learn a set of systematic problem-solving methods and apply them to the future work, and continue to promote and improve".

After the consultant finished his speech, the senior leaders of the company made a concluding speech, firstly, they affirmed the achievements of each project team in the past year and put forward several new requirements to each project team: ① the standardized system formed by the results of the improvement should be improved and implemented, ② strengthen the inventory management, find and deal with the stagnant inventory in a timely manner, ③ strengthen the project management, and start from improving the production efficiency and the quality of the products, and continuously improve, ④ improvement is a process of improvement, and it is the most important thing for the company.

The company selected and honored the excellent project team, excellent team leader and excellent individuals, and hoped that everyone would make persistent efforts to do every job with full work enthusiasm and solid work style.

Finally, the company leaders said: "I hope everyone can continue to optimize and improve on the basis of the existing systems and protocols, as well as consolidate the results of the lean management project, to ensure that in the process of carrying out the work in the future, continuous feedback, improvement and continuous progress".