ZK Delivers a Decanter to a Customer in Zhejiang Province on Schedule

Recently, our company delivered a two-phase centrifuge within the delivery period required by the customer as scheduled after strict trial tests and standard rigorous quality inspection.

At the end of 2002, our company received a customer from Zhejiang, the customer of my company's production capacity, scale, after-sales and product performance and other aspects of the assessment of the assessment finalized the cooperation with our company, and immediately ordered a two-phase centrifuge.

Recently, we carried out strict trial tests and standard rigorous quality inspection, and delivered the equipment to the customer on schedule according to the customer's required delivery date.

Product Parameters

Model LW450
Drum Diameter (mm) 450
L/D 4.1
Speed (rpm) 3500
G Force 3087
Differential Speed (rpm) 1 ~ 34
Main Motor (kW) 30
Auxiliary Motor (kW) 11
Capacity m3/h 15 ~ 30
Weight (kg) 4200
Dimension (mm) 4300 × 1150 × 1450

Product Advantages

  • Extremely low capital cost investment, good on-site operating environment.
  • Food grade design and manufacture.
  • Stable operation, low failure rate and low post maintenance cost.
  • Modular design, easy to learn and understand equipment operation.
  • Low operator staffing and low labor intensity.
  • Replaceable food-grade wear-resistant bushings.
  • High performance wear and corrosion resistant carbide.
  • High performance stainless steel.
  • High dryness screw conveyor, drum structure.
  • High-torque involute planetary gear differentials.
  • Fully automated cleaning system and advanced cleaning program.
  • Centrifuge light-phase liquid layer adjustment technology and variable pitch technology.
  • Highly rigid spiral rotor technology.
  • Dual motor dual inverter common DC bus technology.
  • Constant torque control technology.

Equipment Control Features

The centrifuge has an automatic control function, which can ensure that the solid phase dryness can be kept constant and the separation effect is optimized when the solids content of the feed material fluctuates. At the same time, it works in a fully sealed state, which guarantees a clean environment and safety and reliability in the operation process.