ZK's Decanter for the EP Industry were Delivered on Schedule

Recently, ZK SEPARATION customized centrifuges for a customer in Henan Province, applying the company's third-generation latest technology, were delivered to the customer as scheduled.

Recently, ZK SEPARATION has successfully completed the delivery of a customized centrifuge for a customer in Henan province, which is specialized in environmental protection industry. The centrifuge features intelligent control, good processing effect, low failure rate and easy operation.

Product Parameters

Model LWS450
Bowl diameter (mm) 450
Speed (rpm) 3500
G Force 3087
Capacity m3/h 5 ~ 10
Mud cake water content (wt) ≤ 75%
Oil phase water content (wt) ≤ 2%
Liquid phase oil content (wt) ≤ 0.3%

Product Advantages

  • Heavy phase liquid (water) adopts intelligent discharge type with centripetal pump output ( adopting our third generation technology, which is the core technology to ensure the effect of three-phase separation and can be adjusted without stopping).
  • Light phase liquid (oil) is output by gravity.
  • Light phase adjustment adopts gate type adjustment technology / light phase liquid layer adjustment technology.
  • Screw feed is equipped with a slurry acceleration tube, which accelerates the slurry before it enters the bowl, effectively improving the separation performance of the centrifuge (company's patented technology).
  • Unique and diversified three-phase separation structure.
  • High-performance wear and corrosion-resistant hard alloy.
  • High-performance stainless steel material.
  • High dryness screw conveyor and bowl structure.
  • High-torque involute planetary gear differential.
  • CIP cleaning system.