ZK Oil Sludge Treatment Decanter Successfully Delivered to Customers

ZK has delivered a high-performance LW650 centrifuge for large-scale oil sludge treatment, featuring exceptional separation capabilities and an intelligent control system to meet the demands of extensive processing efficiently.

ZK SEPARATION has successfully delivered the newly developed large centrifuge LW650 for the treatment of oily sludge to an important customer in Xinjiang, China. this important delivery is a sign of ZK's continuous innovation and manufacturing excellence in the field of centrifuges.

The ZK SEPARATION LW650 centrifuge features a unique structural design for efficient separation of hard-to-separate solids from materials, combined with powerful centrifugal force, high-torque screw squeezing force (pushing torque), and an extra-long dewatering length for solids. This combination allows it to maximize customer satisfaction, including key requirements such as high throughput, clean liquids and dry sludge.

In addition, the LW650 is equipped with a set of intelligent control system, which allows the field users to automatically adjust the working parameters according to the needs, in order to ensure the centrifuge's efficient work. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of operators, the equipment is also equipped with multiple safety protection devices, effectively improving the reliability and safety of operation.

ZK's centrifuges not only excel in intelligent control, but also provide excellent oil sludge treatment solutions with high throughput, good sealing, easy operation and excellent separation performance for continuous operation.

Product Parameters

Model LW650
Bowl diameter (mm) 650
Speed (rpm) 2800
G force 2853
Capacity m3/h >=30
Main Motor (kW) 90
Auxiliary Motor (kW) 22
Weight (kg) 4200
Dimension (mm) 4300 × 1150 × 1450