Decanter Centrifuges for Oil Sludge Industry Sold to Russia

Recently, ZK supplied an oil sludge centrifuge to a Russian customer, which has been delivered to the customer as scheduled after strict testing and quality inspection.

Recently, ZK supplied a decanter centrifuge specialized in the oilfield drilling industry to a customer in Russia. The equipment has been delivered to the customer's project site and put into use as scheduled after rigorous trial tests and standard rigorous quality inspection in the workshop. This centrifuge is customized and manufactured according to the customer's requirements, and it features high efficiency, stability, and reliability, which can effectively meet the customer's usage requirements.

Technical Highlights

  • Heavy phase liquid (water) adopts intelligent discharge type and centripetal pump output.
  • Light liquid phase adjustment adopts gate type adjustment technology / light phase liquid layer adjustment technology.
  • Screw feed is equipped with a slurry accelerator tube, effectively improving the centrifuge separation performance.


Model LWS450
Bowl diameter (mm) 450
Speed (rpm) 3500
G force 3087
Solids Water Content (wt) 75 ~ 80%
Impurity Rate of Oil (wt) ≤ 2%
Capacity m3/h 5 ~ 10
Oil Water Content (wt) ≤ 0.3%