ZK Passes QES Recertification Audit

ZK successfully held a meeting on the certification of the corporate management system and further requirements for the management after the re-certification of QES.

ZK SEPARATION successfully organized a key conference on the certification of its management system on August 25th, 2023, focusing on the three areas of "Quality, Environment and Occupational Health". The meeting was the latest step in the company's continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence in its management system.

During the certification meeting, leaders from various departments shared their valuable experiences in the three key areas of "Quality, Environment and Occupational Health" and actively put forward a series of practical and feasible suggestions for improvement, aiming to enhance the company's management level and overall competitiveness. At the same time, the meeting emphasized the company's concern for the safety of the working environment of employees, aiming to reduce the risk of potential accidents and ensure the health of employees.

The company's senior leadership plans and manages the enterprise from multiple perspectives of strategy, process, resources and performance, and continuously optimizes the way it operates to improve customer satisfaction and enhance market competitiveness. As a result of its excellence, the company has once again been awarded the three major certifications of ISO9001:2015 Quality, ISO14001:2015 Environment and ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety by China Classification Society. However, the company emphasizes that the certifications are just a new starting point, and that they will continue to improve and constantly seek ways to optimize and innovate their management system to ensure that it continues to meet international certification standards.

ZK SEPARATION has always developed its products with high standards and close attention to market needs, combining technological innovation and service excellence to provide customers with high-quality solid-liquid separation solutions. The company is firmly committed to continuing to demonstrate leadership in the industry by meeting customer needs and providing sustainable solutions for the environment and employee safety.