Three-phase Decanter for Food Waste Treatment Delivered on Schedule

Recently, ZK SEPARATION successfully delivered a set of large three-phase centrifuges designed for food waste disposal to an environmental company in Guizhou. As the core equipment of the oil extraction section of the food waste disposal project, this set of centrifuges not only provides efficient separation and oil extraction functions but also fully meets the customer's needs to satisfy the complex process characteristics.

ZK has always been providing high-quality intelligent solutions and excellent after-sales service with the customer's needs in mind, and this delivery is no exception. The new equipment utilizes heavy-phase liquid discharge technology in the form of Smart Discharge, the company's third-generation core technology, which ensures excellent three-phase separation. In addition, the light liquid phase adjustment utilizes a gate-type technology, which is adjusted by screw expansion and contraction without the need to dismantle the machine, and which is also patent certified. The equipment is also equipped with a slurry acceleration tube that accelerates the slurry before it enters the drum, effectively improving the centrifuge's separation performance and is one of the company's patented technologies.

As a result of the separation, the centrifuge is able to reduce the water content of the solid phase to no more than 75%, the oil content of the solid phase to no more than 0.5%, the water and impurities in the oil to no more than 3%, and the oil content in the water to no more than 0.3%, which ensures that waste treatment is both efficient and environmentally friendly.

The large three-phase centrifuge for the food industry supplied by ZK SEPARATION provides a powerful solution for environmental companies in Guizhou, helping them to achieve greater success and profitability in their environmental projects. Through its continued focus on customer needs, innovative technology, and superior performance, ZK continues to set industry benchmarks in the environmental protection field and is committed to creating a more sustainable future.

Product Parameters

Model LWS580
Bowl Diameter (mm) 580
L/D 4.1
Speed (rpm) 3000
G Force 2948
Differential Speed (rpm) 1 ~ 30
Main Motor (kW) 55
Auxiliary Motor (kW) 18.5
Capacity m3/h 15 ~ 20
Weight (kg) 7500
Dimension (mm) 5300 × 1750 × 1382