ZK Decanter for Water Treatment Delivered to Customers on Schedule

Recently, ZK has delivered LW450 and LW580 centrifuges for water treatment industry as scheduled. This batch of equipment has made breakthrough innovations in performance, which will bring better benefits to the customer's projects.

Recently, ZK has efficiently fulfilled its delivery commitment to the customer by successfully delivering a batch of LW450 and LW580 centrifuges for the water treatment industry. This delivery was not only completed on time, but also made a breakthrough innovation in the performance of the equipment, which provided strong support for the smooth progress of the customer's project.

Our centrifuges specializing in water treatment have the remarkable features of stable operation, low failure rate, low post maintenance cost, and high performance and wear resistance. These characteristics not only reflect our professional strength in the field of centrifuge manufacturing, but also provide customers with reliable technical support.

During the operation of centrifuges, our equipment can better guarantee the separation effect of customer materials and ensure that the solid phase dryness is constant to the best state. This is crucial for the water treatment industry, because the stability of the separation effect is directly related to the operational benefits of the entire project.

ZK has always been committed to providing customers with professional technical solutions for solid-liquid separation plants. We understand the specific needs of our customers and customize the best solution for them according to the characteristics of the project.

Through this delivery, we deeply feel the responsibility and mission, and we will continue to work hard to improve the technical level of our products to meet the upgrading needs of our customers. Thank you for your trust and support, ZK will continue to provide customers with excellent products and services, and work together to create a better future.

Product Parameters

Model LW580 LW450
Capacity (m3/h) 20 ~ 30 1000 (kg/h)(quantity of salt)
Bowl diameter (mm) 580 450
Speed (rpm) 2800 3500
G force 2546 3087
Main Motor (kW) 75 30
Auxiliary Motor (kW) 22 11
Weight (kg) 6500 4000
Dimension (mm) 5520 × 1450 × 1700 4400 × 1200 × 1450