ZK Participates in THAIWATER Exhibition 2023 in Thailand

From August 30 to September 1, 2023, ZK SEPARATION was invited to participate in the Water Treatment Exhibition 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand.

From August 30 to September 1, 2023, ZK SEPARATION was invited to participate in the Water Treatment Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand. During the exhibition, ZK's team highlighted the excellent performance and successful application cases of their centrifuges for water treatment to the customers who came to consult with them. In addition, they also introduced ZK's corporate history and product range in detail. This comprehensive presentation won high praise from the customers present and demonstrated the excellent capability of ZK in the field of water treatment.

In recent years, water treatment has become an important issue that cannot be ignored globally. With the rapid growth of population and the rapid development of industry and cities, the demand for water resources has increased dramatically, and at the same time, the problem of water pollution has become more and more serious, which poses a serious threat to the ecological environment and the health of human beings.

Against this background, ZK SEPARATION's R&D team has conducted in-depth research on the pain points in the field of water treatment, and in order to better solve the existing problems in this field, it has invested a large amount of R&D funds and R&D personnel to develop centrifuges specializing in this field and made breakthrough innovations in centrifuge performance, which can better help customers' projects to reduce the cost of treatment and improve quality and efficiency.

ZK SEPARATION centrifuges for water treatment are characterized by stable operation, low failure rate, low maintenance cost, high performance and wear-resistant, which can better ensure that during the operation of the centrifuge, the separation effect of the customer's materials can reach the optimal state of solid-phase dryness, and the centrifuge can operate more safely and reliably.

Through this exhibition, the communication between ZK SEPARATION and interested customers has been strengthened, and the impression of customers on ZK has been further strengthened. ZK always insists on developing intelligent solid-liquid separation equipment with high standard close to the market demand and constantly innovates to help the water treatment field to realize "cost reduction and efficiency".

Exhibition Introduction

Thailand Bangkok Water Treatment Exhibition is one of the largest water treatment and environmental protection exhibitions in Thailand, held annually in Bangkok. The exhibition for the water treatment industry and environmental protection industry provides a platform to display more intelligent solid-liquid separation equipment and integrated solutions, attracting manufacturers, suppliers, professionals and industry practitioners around the world to participate in exhibitions and exhibitions. The water treatment exhibition covers a variety of water treatment equipment, water treatment technology, water management technology, wastewater treatment technology, pollutant detection equipment, environmental protection equipment and other areas.