ZK Delivers a Centrifuge for Water Treatment Industry on Schedule

Recently, ZK supplied a large centrifuge for a customer in the water treatment industry, which will help the customer to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Recently, ZK SEPARATION delivered a large centrifuge designed for the water treatment industry to a customer in Hunan province as scheduled. The equipment will help the customer reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The centrifuge is designed for the water treatment industry and offers a number of advantages, including low infrastructure costs and a good operating environment, allowing the customer to easily install and operate the equipment. At the same time, its stable and reliable performance and low failure rate will greatly reduce post-maintenance costs. And the modular design will make the operation of the equipment easy to learn, reducing the training cost and labor intensity of operators. The use of high-performance wear and corrosion-resistant carbide and stainless steel materials ensures the long-term reliable operation of the equipment.

The centrifuge also features a high dryness screw conveyor and bowl structure, as well as a high torque involute planetary gear differential, providing excellent throughput and efficiency. The use of variable pitch technology, highly rigid helical rotor technology and dual motor, dual frequency common DC bus technology provide this centrifuge with superior performance and control.

ZK SEPARATION - a company specializing in the development, production and sales of solid-liquid separation equipment. Our equipment is widely used worldwide in wastewater treatment, food, mining, and chemical industries, and has won high praise from our customers for its excellent quality and reliability.

Product Parameters

Model LW520
Bowl diameter (mm) 520
Speed (rpm) 3200
L/D ratio 4.1
G force 2981
Differential speed (rpm) 1 ~ 32
Main Motor (kW) 55
Auxiliary Motor (kW) 15
Capacity m3/h 40
Weight (kg) 7200
Dimension (mm) 5100 × 1290 × 1550

Product Advantages

The equipment has automatic control function, because the solid rate of the feed material may fluctuate, the use of automatic control can achieve a constant solid phase dryness, so that the separation effect is in the best condition, can well ensure the safe and reliable operation of the centrifuge. At the same time, the equipment has excellent sealing performance, dewatering in a fully sealed state of work, making the environment clean, safe and reliable.