Wastewater Treatment

The treatment of wastewater and sludge is a crucial part of protecting water resources. ZK wastewater treatment decanter centrifuge can meet the needs of different types of wastewater sludge treatment.

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ZK Decanter Centrifuge for Wastewater Treatment

The main purpose of wastewater sludge treatment is to remove as much suspended matter as possible and achieve solid-liquid separation before the discharge of wastewater and sludge. This purifies the wastewater and concentrates the sludge, thus realizing the recycling of water resources.

ZK wastewater treatment centrifuges can be used in urban domestic sewage treatment, chemical sewage purification, sludge thickening and other related sewage and sludge treatment industries. Modern wastewater treatment processes and discharge standards are becoming more and more stringent, and the subsequent treatment of dewatered sludge cake is more difficult, whether it is stacked, dried or incinerated, placing higher demands on the key equipment for residual sludge treatment. ZK SEPARATION can provide professional technical support and customized services for your specific needs.

Wastewater Decanter Equipment Parameters
Model LW250 x 1025E LW350 x 1435E LW450 x 1845E LW520 x 2150E LW580 x 2400E LW650 x 2600E LW750 x 2800E
Speed (rpm) 4500 3500 3200 3000 2800 2600 2200
Max G Force 2835 2435 2580 2620 2546 2460 2033
Main Motor (kW) 11 15 ~ 22 30 ~ 37 55 ~ 75 75 ~ 90 90 ~ 110 110 ~ 160
Back Motor (kW) 4 5.5 7.5 ~ 11 11 ~ 15 15 ~ 18.5 22 30
Capacity (m3/h) 2 ~ 8 4 ~ 15 10 ~ 40 15 ~ 70 25 ~ 80 30 ~ 90 40 ~ 100
Weight (kg) 1250 2500 4200 5200 6500 7800 11000
Dimension (mm) 2500x800x1150 3700x1050x1200 4300x1150x1400 5100x1250x1600 5520x1450x1700 6250x2000x1550 6500x2200x1600
Drive Type VFD + PLC + HMI
Bowl Material SUS2205(Duplex Stainless Steel) / SUS2304 (Duplex Stainless Steel) / 316L / 316 Centrifugal Casting
Screw Material SUS2205(Duplex Stainless Steel) / SUS2304 (Duplex Stainless Steel) / 316L / 316 Centrifugal Casting
Bearing SKF / NSK

Wastewater Treatment Process

  • Cut and crush the biochemical sludge.

  • Pump the sludge (concentration ≥0.5~4%) into the centrifuge.

  • Add (concentration 1~3‰) PAM solution into the feed pipe through the automatic dosing device to make the sludge form flocs into the centrifuge.

  • The dewatered sludge cake is discharged from the bowl.

  • The dewatering system is widely used in oxidation ditch, AB, A/O, A3/0, SBR, MBR, anaerobic fermentation and other processes as well as traditional wastewater treatment processes, and can treat urban domestic sewage, municipal sewage, garbage leachate, municipal tap water and some industrial wastewater.

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ZK Wastewater Decanter Features and Benefits

  • Adaptable and Cost-saving

    High adaptability to sludge, large treatment capacity, no need for thickener at a low material concentration (SS 0.5%).

  • High Dryness Spiral Conveyor, Bowl Structure

    30~50% higher spiral pushing torque and 10~20% longer bowl dewatering length than general centrifuges.

  • Vortex-type Screw Discharge Port

    Speed up the feeding, reduce the disturbance of the discharging material to the formed separated solid phase layer, and improve the processing capacity. And it can effectively reduce the shearing effect of the discharge hole on the formed floc in the high-speed discharge state, thus reducing the consumption of chemicals.

  • BD Board Technology

    Increasing the depth of the liquid layer, the settling area, and the processing capacity of the centrifuge.

    Reducing the water content of the sediment.

    Increasing solids recovery rate and clearer liquid.

    Reducing the consumption of chemicals and the operating cost of equipment.

    Equal separation performance, lower working speed, and less power consumption than general centrifuges.

  • Convenience
  • A wide range of models to choose from.

  • Provide turnkey project.

  • High degree of automation, easy to manage.

  • Easy operation, one-touch start and stop, automatic fault alarm and safety protection.

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Highly adaptable to sludge and has a large treatment capacity.

  • Adopting advanced control system and high-quality electrical components, reducing the consumption of chemicals and loss of electrical energy.

  • The floor space of the machine is about 2/3 smaller than traditional filtration equipment.

  • Continuous automatic work and the slagging process does not require manual operation.

  • Advanced Technology
  • Dual Motor Dual Frequency Conversion Common DC Busbar Technology - Energy Saving.

  • Constant Torque Control Technology - Stable.

  • Vortex Spiral Discharge Port-High Capacity.

  • Variable Pitch Technology-Lower Solid-Phase Water Content.

  • YG6, YG8 Carbide, SAF 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel-Good Wear Resistance.

Wastewater Decanter Application Cases

Why Choose ZK Decanter Centrifuge?

Reliable Quality

The bowl (core component) is made of SAF 2205 duplex stainless steel by centrifugal casting process, and its performance is superior to conventional 304 and 316. All weld joints have undergone flaw detection and thermal treatment, and are provided with certificates of conformity or records for traceability.

Stable Operation

The dynamic balance precision of the centrifuge is ≥ Class 2.5, which is superior to the requirement of the standard, so that the centrifuge can be operated smoothly and its longevity is extended. The noise of the complete machine is < 85 dB, the vibration intensity is < 7.1 (load) and 4.5 (no-load). It is equipped with a mechanical and electrical dual overload protection device to ensure safe operation.

long service
Long Service Life

The screw conveyor and bowl adopt of the most advanced, reliable and convenient wear-resistant treatment technology and structure in China. All bearings adopt original imported NSK/SKF bearings. The electric control box is made of electrical elements of famous brands such as Siemens and Schneider.

High Degree of Automation

ZK decanter differential speed automatic control technology can automatically adjust the screw conveyor’s differential speed, to prevent overload and blockage. The complete machine is equipped with bearing temperature sensor and vibration sensor, and is provided with alarms for main motor overload, differential over torque, low differential speed, etc. Meanwhile, its supporting frequency conversion (flameproof) control cabinet can realize automatic start and stop with one key.

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