Dewatering Centrifuge

The ZK sludge dewatering centrifuge uses a rapidly rotating cylinder to separate the liquid and solid in the sludge wastewater. In order to meet increasingly sophisticated environmental requirements and avoid waste of water resources, sludge from drinking water and wastewater treatment must be separated as efficiently as possible. The solid bowl centrifuge that can run continuously is used in the dewatering system of municipal and industrial wastewater sludge. It has the characteristics of high cost performance, energy saving and high efficiency.

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Applications For Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge

ZK dewatering decanter centrifuge provides a good method for the dehydration of waste water, sludge and waste slurry. Almost all industrial processes produce liquid wastes containing suspended solids. Even an industry obviously unrelated to liquid treatment, such as the recycling of machine tool coolant in the machinery manufacturing industry. The same is true for many industrial wastes, which must be cleaned and dehydrated to realize recycling. At the same time, by dehydrating the main waste slurry, the suspension can be discharged into rivers or lakes without causing pollution, and the solid phase can be sent to the final disposal in a small batch and safe state as far as possible. Once fully dewatered, the waste sludge can be sent to landfills, or used for soil improvement or fertilizer use or incineration. The horizontal screw centrifuge has been widely used in the field of sewage, sludge and waste slurry dewatering.


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With more than 20 years of solid-liquid separation equipment research and development and manufacturing experience, equipment is widely used in sewage treatment, petrochemical, mining, environmental protection, and many other fields. We provide equipment customization services for different project needs and recommend or design the best-integrated solution for you.

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Our machines are stable and robust. Among the nearly 10,000 devices sold worldwide, many have been operating stably for more than ten years. Simultaneously, we are constantly optimizing the operating procedures so that the equipment can run more intelligently and automatically, significantly reducing the learning cost of the operator and improving its work efficiency.

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As a leading equipment R&D and supplier in the industry, we continue to develop new processes and new products to provide customers with better and more economical equipment. The number of patents we have on our devices is at the top of the industry.

Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge Parameters

Model Dia (mm) Rito Speed (rpm) G force Differential (rpm) Main Motor (kW) Back Motor (kW) Capacity m3/h Weight (kg) Dimension (L x W x H)(mm)
LWS250 x 1025C(X) 250 4.1 5000 3500 1~50 11 4 >1 1250 2500 x 800 x 1150
LWS350 x 1550C(X) 350 4.1 4000 3136 1~35 22 5.5 >3~5 2500 3700 x 1050 x 1400
LWS450 x 1845C(X) 450 4.1 3500 3087 1~34 30 7.5/11 >5~10 4000 3800 x 1150 x 1600
LWS520 x 2150C(X) 520 4.1 3200 2982 1~34 45 15 >10~15 5200 4800 x 1250 x 1800
LWS580 x 2400C(X) 580 4.1 3000 2948 1~30 55/75 18.5 >15~20 6500 5300 x 1750 x 1382
LWS650 x 2600C(X) 650 4 2800 2854 1~28 75/90 22 >20~30 8000 5600 x 1850 x 1500

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